Monday, September 14, 2015

The One where I start training!

Hey everyone!

So this was a crazy insane week. You ready?

Monday I was on the transfer van pretty much all afternoon. I left Medford around noon and I didn't get to Eugene until about 4. We emailed at the 18th Street building for a little bit before heading over to my new area. I moved into my new apartment and then we went out with the zone leaders for dinner and a lesson with a less active. We had some authentic Mexican food so that was pretty sweet.

Tuesday we didn't do a whole lot. We tried! Elder Strech and I were able to teach a black guy named Dimitri and a recent convert named Robert. But outside of that, we didn't get much done. We had dinner with a pretty cool family so that was awesome. They had some pretty hot sauce for the enchiladas! I was sweating a little bit!

Wednesday was pretty cool. The zone leaders picked Elder Adams and me up and we went to lunch at a member's convenience store. We had some delicious homemade burritos and she gave us a drink and ice cream. The zone leaders had a lesson there so Elder Adams and I went off on foot to try and figure out the area a little bit. While we were doing that, we OYM'd a guy named Jake. Although he wasn't interested at the time, it was still a pretty fun OYM. He was from New Jersey and we had a good conversation about the east coast. The zone leaders picked us up after that and took us to the church so we could take a survey on the iPad. We then got picked up by the Oakridge Elders and they took us to the stake center for trainer training. It was a pretty good training meeting. It really helped me look back at my time when I was being trained and what I can do to help my trainee!

Thursday morning we drove to the 18th street building and practiced singing the EFY melody before the new missionaries showed up. We sung the song and then the office staff instructed the new missionaries about all the stuff non-missionary related. And then, the moment came when I got my trainee! His name is Elder Bowers from West Jordan, Utah. We did some iPad training before heading back to Springfield. We did some grocery shopping and then we contacted people before a member picked us up for dinner. He took us to some hole in the wall Chinese place that was super good. We then worked on organizing the area before doing some training to end the night.

Friday was an adventure. Elder Bowers and I biked over to the church for new missionary training in the morning and we were graced with a visit from President and Sister Russell! I then taught my first district meeting in forever and it went pretty well despite it being pretty much all videos. What happened after district meeting changed the whole course of the day. We headed off on our bikes and not even one minute into it, Elder Bowers' derailer snapped off as he changed gears (and he ended up flying over his handlebars! He scraped up his knee and tore a hole in his new pants but other than that, he was relatively unhurt. The zone leaders were leaving about the same time so they fit his bike into the back of their Corolla and we went to the bike store to get it fixed. We got dropped off at our apartment and we walked to the church for our lesson with Robert. He ended up talking a whole bunch but we were able to fit a lesson in with him. We then walked all the way back and took dinner. We then went out with the zone leaders and Elder Perrine and I taught a part member family named Leighanne and David. They are super sweet! We taught them about the importance of scripture study and invited them to come to church.

Saturday we volunteered at the bishop's store house and helped move orders to people's cars. We got some helium balloons and has some fun :) We then spent all day contacting people until dinner with the Christen*** family. They are so fun! And the burgers were super good! We then went to the church and did Elder Bower's online training.

Sunday we went to church and then spent all day contacting. We didn't have much luck but we have a good week ahead of us!

That is all I have! I love y'all and thank you for all that you do and for your prayers!

Love y'all!

Elder Tonini

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