Monday, September 14, 2015

So my week in pictures

So I need to explain the pictures!

The first picture is from the new missionary introduction meeting! The elder managed to take a selfie before it got started and I barely got in the picture.

The second picture is my trainee, Elder Bowers. After district meeting on Friday, we left the church to go take lunch and Elder Bower's bike broke. He changed gears and when he did that, his derailer snapped off his bike and he went over the handlebars! It was crazy haha! He scraped up his knee pretty good too!

The video is of me inhaling helium from a balloon that we were given by a Welfare missionary working in the Home Storage facility. We volunteered there and he gave 4 teenagers/young adults some balloons with helium. Smart, right? :)

Love y'all! I will send out the full email here in a bit!

Elder Tonini

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