Monday, September 21, 2015

The One Where I Have Meetings For Days!

Hey everyone!

So, we had a ton of meetings this week. We managed to get some missionary work in though so that is pretty sweet!:)

Monday was the normal P-Day festivities. We went to the mall and window shopped for a little bit before going back to our area. We then spent pretty much all night contacting people in our area book.

Tuesday morning we did some training before going to the church and setting up Elder Bowers' Facebook at the church. The zone leaders picked us up from the church and we had a lesson with a returning, less-active member named Brother Ud***. He fed us lunch and then we read through the Articles of Faith with him. He had some questions that we were able to answer. He is a great guy who wants to get back on the right path! We then spent the rest of our day biking and trying to contact people but with little luck. The members that we were supposed to have dinner with had to cancel but they gave us 20 bucks so we went with the zone leaders to Giant Burger! Elder Perrine and Elder Bowers both got the Inferno burger! It basically has jalapeƱos and habanero peppers cooked into it! After dinner we went to correlation before going on splits. I went with Gregorio to visit a couple of people that the bishop asked us to visit. We struck out with one lady but we were able to schedule a return appointment with another!

Wednesday we got haircuts and then we weekly planned. Just like in days previous, we just went out and contacted people. We were able to see David and Leighanne at the end of the night. We were able to schedule a church tour with David and Leighanne for Friday.

Thursday was crazy! We got the Springfield stake center set up for zone conference for four different zones and right before it got started, we were told that we got set up at the wrong building! So we pulled everything down and got everything set up at the other building in 30 minutes. It was pretty impressive. Zone conference was pretty awesome! The AP's, President Russell, and President Cropper went over our purpose as missionaries. I really enjoyed President Russell's segment about repentance. We then had a short meeting afterwards for district leaders, zone leaders, and STLs (Sister Training Leaders) before going back to our areas. We gave a blessing after dinner and then we went to the church and contacted some people in our area book to end the night.

Friday we were out early to go to Winston for a district leader training meeting. Elder Workman took me, Elder Perrine, Elder Strech, and Elder Eldridge there. We had so much fun haha! When we got to Winston, we got down to business. The AP's went over our duties as district leaders and we watched some videos that President Russell and the AP's made. It was a good meeting and we set up some new things for the district leaders to do at district meeting. We hung out at the mission office and the Spanish missionaries got a new phone. We got back in Springfield and I found out that our 4 o'clock appointment fell through. We headed back to the apartment so I could change out of my suit and we headed off to dinner. We did a church tour with David and Leighanne and it was AWESOME! The members that came with us basically did the whole thing and the tour brought back memories to Leighanne, who hasn't been back to the church in a long time. We then bolted for our lesson with Traci. Her non-member boyfriend was there and we taught them about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It went really well! We really felt guided in what we said and hopefully the Spirit hit home with them.

Saturday we went to the church and watched the dedication of the Melchizedek Priesthood restoration site. It was super cool to watch and to hear the dedicatory prayer by President Russell M. Nelson. We had training afterwards and then we went off to a barbecue at a recent converts house. It was SO good! We then contacted people pretty much all day. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck once again.

Sunday was the Primary program. It went really well! I just wish that our investigators were there haha! The zone leaders took us home and we tried some hot sauce that Elder Bowers had and MAN it was hot! I have videos of us doing it! We had an early dinner that ended up dragging on. We walked back to our apartment afterwards and grabbed our bikes to do some work on the west side of our mission. We weren't able to contact anyone so we biked over to the east side and ran into Jaydaquin, our 12 year old investigator. We had a fun time with him, racing him on bikes and stuff! We got a lesson set up with him before we went to the church and synced up to end the week!

That is all I got! I love y'all so much! Thank you for all that you do! I know that the Church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true!

Elder Tonini

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