Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Mission President Announced

H. Jeffrey Russell, 59, and Susan Russell, four children, West Jordan 43rd Ward, West Jordan Utah East Stake: Oregon Eugene Mission, succeeding President Mark A. Young and Sister Sue A. Young. Brother Russell serves as a ward mission leader and is a former stake president, bishop, high councilor, stake mission president, ward Young Men president and missionary in the Austria Vienna Mission. Senior marketing specialist, Ashley Furniture Inc. 
Sister Russell serves as a temple ordinance worker and is a former counselor in stake Young Women and Primary presidencies, ward Young Women president, counselor in ward Young Women and Primary presidencies and gospel doctrine teacher. 

Originally published in the Deseret News.

Friday, March 28, 2014

President and Sister Young

President Mark Young and Sister Sue Young. They have four children and are from the Mount Olympus 4th Ward, Salt Lake Mount Olympus North Stake. President Young was a bishop and a former counselor in a stake presidency. Also served as a Young Men president, ward mission leader, high councilor, elders quorum president, and missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission. Self-employed restaurant owner. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sister Young is a former counselor in a stake Primary presidency, Relief Society president and counselor, Young Women adviser, Primary president, Young Women president and Primary teacher. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

(Published: Saturday, April 2, 2011 in the Church News)

President and Sister Young will finish their mission on 30 June 2014. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mission Map

In case you were wondering about the boundaries of the Oregon Eugene Mission, the map below was included in the information packet we received from the mission president:

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mission Information Packet

55 West 29th Ave., Suite A
Eugene, Oregon 97405-3423

19 March 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Tonini,

Sister Young and I extend our gratitude for Elder Jacob Tonini's call to the Oregon Eugene Mission. We are excited to receive your missionary. We will warmly welcome your missionary and prayerfully select a senior companion who has been prepared to help your missionary become successful.

Our mission is focused on Preach My Gospel. The more your missionary understands the principles inside Preach My Gospel, the better prepared your missionary will be.

Preach My Gospel is full of precious gems; valuable truths. One such diamond is found on page two:

"As your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase."

Help your missionary to begin now, praying for an increased understanding and love for the Atonement. Your missionary will grow to love the Savior to such an extent that he will want to share the gospel with every person in the state of Oregon.

Sister Young and I have been blessed with an extra measure of love for our missionaries, even before they arrive in the field. We see them as the Lord sees them:

"And they were all young men (women), and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and aslo for strenght and activity; but behold, this was not all - they were men (women) who were true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted." (Alma 53:20)

We gladly accept the trust placed upon us. We will do everything in our power to make sure your missionary is safe, secure, and productive.

With Love,

/s/ Mark A. Young
Mission President

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"We like you"

Despite being told that the Oregon Eugene mission is a bike mission, I did not receive any information concerning the purchase of a bike, I followed my parents advice and emailed the mission office. I got two responses, one that was straightforward and the other going like this:

We’ll be sending out the June packets soon, which include the bicycle information.  Hopefully by Friday.  You’re on the ball! We like you.

I don't report for another 10 weeks and won't be in Oregon for at least 12 weeks and they are already liking me! Let's just hope that they still do when I get there!

Monday, March 3, 2014

First Contact from Mission President

55 West 29th Ave., Suite A
Eugene, Oregon 97405-3423

3 March 2014

Dear Elder Tonini,

Sister Young and I welcome you to the Oregon Eugene Mission.  We are thrilled to have you join the dedicated and obedient missionaries that serve here. Your mission will be a special time for you it will provide a foundation of faith and testimony for the remaining years of your life.

We are focused on Preach My Gospel in the Oregon Eugene Mission. This remarkable book will help you be better prepared; more spiritually mature and assist you in becoming a masterful and persuasive teacher.  As you humbly prepare to serve Him realize that more happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced or thought possible.

As you prepare for your service, the Lord will bless you; he will strengthen your capacity to do this great work.  Your testimony of the Savior will deepen as you read and embrace the Book of Mormon.  You will become a powerful and obedient missionary.

“And this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy." (Alma 29: 9)

Whosoever ye shall send in my name…..shall have power to open the door of my kingdom unto any nation – even the Oregon Eugene Mission." (D&C 112:21)

We look forward to having you join Sister Young and me in this remarkable work and glory. May the Lord bless you as you prepare,

/s/ Mark A. Young
Mission President