Monday, March 2, 2015

"Isn't God smarter than Steve Jobs?"

Hey everyone!

So this week went by so dang fast! We were busy all week long but our numbers won't show it haha! It seems to be the sick season! But other than that, it was a good week!

Tuesday was pretty dang awesome! We were out the door headed to Roseburg for a mission-wide conference about technology and being disciples in the digital age with Elder Brent H. Neilson of the Seventy and Brother Heaton from the MTC. When we arrived we were herded outside and took a mission picture! There were a TON of missionaries! It was so awesome seeing all my old companions! There was a ton shared and a lot of good things were taught! We even had a sister say "check yourself before you wreck yourself"! During lunch I talked to Elders Walton and Smith and they told me Maxx (the kid I taught in Philomath) is thinking about a mission! I also heard that my nametag that I lost in Junction City was found on the side of the road! Here is a couple of things that were shared at the conference

  • God is behind everything from the invention of the car to the cell phone 
  • "Isn't God smarter than Steve Jobs?" 
  • We are getting brand new iPads this Wednesday and it will be the one I get to take home! 
  • We got to watch the new Easter message and IT IS SO AWESOME! 
  • As a member who made covenants at baptism and in the temple, I've invested my agency in Heavenly Father and in doing what He commands. Like a baseball player who is a free agent, we sign with a team and we follow the conditions listed in the contract. 
There was a ton of awesome stuff that was shared but the one thing that I got out of it was that the Lord is hastening His work! After we got back to our area, we tracted for a little bit before heading to dinner. While we were on our way to dinner, we were able to help out a couple move in a couch! Pretty sweet service opportunity. After dinner we tried some people before going over to the local frozen yogurt place and eating frozen yogurt while working on the ward list.

Wednesday morning found me at the Central Point Stake center doing a district leader training meeting with the leadership south of Grant's Pass. President Russell was there and there was additional training for us to do at district meeting. While we were eating lunch (President Russell bought us pizza), Elder Ellsworth found me and told us that him and Elder Berry had found a potential investigator! When the meeting was over we headed over to the high school to try and see some people but we didn't have much luck. We decided to go over to the La ***'s and talk to them about the Stur*** family and on the way over I hit a pole. Yup. I hit a pole. We took a short cut and I didn't hit a turn as sharp as I could have and slammed my handlebar into the pole. It did not feel good. After we talked to Sister La ***, we biked out to the freeway and tried to get in contact with a less active who lives at the far end of our area. We almost biked into White City haha! We contacted a few people before coming back to our neighborhood and tracting. We weren't able to get any return appointments with anyone but we had some interesting conversations with a Buddhist lady and a Methodist man! A member couple took us out to dinner and then took us over to the Huef***'s to do a family home evening with them.

Thursday morning we planned all morning and prepared ourselves for the week ahead. When we headed out for the day, I quickly found out that I was on the struggle bus! I forgot my bag halfway to Central Point East and then I almost wrecked bad! I survived though! We had to endure some rain so we ended up getting soaked by the time we got over to the east side of our area. We were able to talk to a sweet old less-active lady and we had a great conversation with her. While we were talking to her, we checked the time and realized that we would have to go straight to the Sta***'s for our lesson with Jay P. We somehow got there in time and we had a great lesson with him! We had the ward mission leader from when Jay was investigating the Church the first time and he said there was a ton of improvement since two years ago so that was pretty awesome. We had a lesson with Dana that went well and then we tried seeing some prospective elders and such before dinner with the Olf***'s. We had Olive Garden carry out and it was super good! We shared a message about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon mainly because Sister Olf***'s husband isn't a member so that was pretty sweet.

Friday we had district meeting. It was pretty much all reading from the new handbooks that we had received on Tuesday so it was pretty easy haha! We had a lesson with the potential investigator Elder Ellsworth and Elder Berry had found but our member bailed at the last minute and she wasn't home so it worked out. After we got home I did my first ever exchange as district leader! Elder Porter came to my area and we headed out to Central Point East in the rain. We had a good lesson with Mike and tried contacting people but no one was around. We walked back and tried contacting a former investigator over by the high school only to figure out that the previous elders hadn't put down a building number! We decided to knock on every #5 in the complex and we ended up talking to this Jehovah's Witness guy for a few minutes. Brother Idi*** came and took us home along with our dinner! It was super good! After feasting on the food, we walked over to the Sta***'s and did correlation to end the night.

Saturday we were over in Twin Creeks doing a service project for Brother Sta***. We were digging holes so the homeowners association could plant some bushes and such to beautify the area. While we were doing that, we had the opportunity to do another service project within a service project by helping a family move a dryer to the second floor of their home. We got back afterwards and cleaned up for our lesson with Adam only for him to tell us that his wife was sick so we had to cancel that appointment. We made contact with Brandon and that went ok haha! We got back to the apartment and exchanged back before doing more service! We helped a non-member man plant some rosebushes! We tracted for a little while after planting the rose bushes but we didn't have much luck. We headed over to Twin Creeks and tried contacting some formers but they had moved so we just headed to dinner haha! We had a great FHE with the Hu***'s and then helped out Brother Sta*** a little bit before he drove us home.

Sunday we had ward council in the morning. While we were in ward council, Angelo sent us a text and told us he was sick so they didn't come to church and we didn't have a lesson with them. After church we took a break since it was fast Sunday before heading to our lesson with Roxanne. She wasn't home so we tried seeing a couple people with Brother Sta***. We were able to talk to Brother Ro*** in this retirement complex and it went really well! We decided to try Roxanne one more time and she was home! We were able to help her overcome her concerns of Nephi killing Laban and she promised she would read the Book of Mormon! We had dinner with Brother Underw*** before our lesson with Brad. Unfortunately he wasn't home so we tried Joe and a couple of other people but no one was home. We ended our night updating our area books and syncing them up.

I love y'all so much! I know this church is true!

Love ya!
Elder Tonini
Do your duty, that is best. Leave unto the Lord the rest.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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