Monday, March 23, 2015

The Week that Everything Fell Apart

Hey everyone!

So Monday was definitely a little more exciting than we expected it to be! We were out the door around 9 to go to a zone breakfast that President Thompson, the Central Point Stake president, was hosting for us. We had an excellent breakfast and then he talked to us about Ebenezers and how it can help us. I really really liked what he said about how these Ebenezers are "a stone of help". When he finished talking to us about that, we played some volleyball! Oh man I have missed playing some good 'ol volleyball! I had some sick plays too!! We went grocery shopping soon afterwards and then played some basketball at the stake center. When we finished up with P-Day, we had dinner with the Thurman's. We had Thanksgiving in March! We had turkey, potatoes, stuffing, the whole shebang! It was super good! After dinner, we decided to go see a couple of people before getting an ankle brace for Elder Ellsworth. We were going to talk to a less active but we had the feeling that we shouldn't do it but continue on to Wal-greens instead. When we were walking there, a lady crying in a parked car asked us if we were the guys that had talked to her boyfriend a few days before. We recognized her as the girlfriend and we told her that we were the guys who had talked to her boyfriend. She told us that he is bipolar and he snapped so she ran away with the kids. We tried to help her as much as we could but we knew we couldn't get involved so we said a prayer with her and some advice. That was an interesting way to end P-Day.

Tuesday we were over at the temple shoveling dirt into wheelbarrows. The temple landscape people had dumped off all this dirt on a patch of road right next to the back gate and we moved it onto the grounds. When we finished up with that, Sister Clayson asked us if we wanted to plant the Japanese Thunderheads that we had dug the holes for. We gladly said yes and by the time we were finished and got home, it was about 1 o'clock! We had a tentative appointment with a Jehovah's Witness guy that ended up with us talking on his doorstep and talking differences between our church and his. I learned a lot about the Jehovah Witnesses from him! After we talked to him, we biked over to Sonic for half-off milkshakes for St. Patricks day! When we were done with that, we decided to go out and tract some apartment complexes around our apartment. We found a potential investigator but he was half asleep when we knocked on his door. He took a pamphlet and I think went back to bed haha. We paid the Sta*** a visit and they told us that one of the people we were going to try and see was dead so we went and grabbed a member's new address in this super expensive retirement home. While we were in there, we talked to a guy who said he knew all about the history of the Church. It turned out that he knows all the anti-Mormon history haha! It was interesting. We biked out to the Nada***'s for dinner and on our way back, Elder Ellsworth ended up behind me and noticed that my back brake was moving side to side! Turns out, I had two broken spokes somehow.... Luckily my tire didn't turn into a taco! We were able to see the Shi***'s and set up a family mission plan so that was good. However, we ended up having to walk our bikes home because of my tire!

Wednesday was weird haha. We tried getting my tire fixed first thing in the morning but the bike store closest to us was closed so we ended up mowing Sister Winter's lawn instead. It was a good way to take out my frustrations haha! After we had lunch, we had a lesson with Angelo and Spencer at the DeRura***'s home and that lesson went really well! We taught them the principle of the Sabbath Day and it went really well. When we finished up with that lesson, Brother Sta*** came and picked us up to go to the bike shop again to see if it was open. Thankfully it was and I was able to buy a new rim for my bike. We tried seeing a couple of people out in the boonies but nothing really happened with that. That was it for the day haha!

Thursday we had weekly planning in the morning but we took a break half way through and met up with Jay P at McDonald's. We shouldn't have done it though because he ended up dropping us... That really sucked. That just put a whole damper on the day haha. We biked out to Central Point East and tried to see some people but no one was around. We headed back to our area and tracted Crest and found a potential.

Other than that we have nothing else happen except for transfers! I am staying for my fourth transfer in central point! It'll be fun with Elder Seymour!

I love you all!

Elder Tonini

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  1. Hang in there Elder! Look for, find, and use those Ebenezers that Heavenly Father will leave in your path. Next week will be better!