Monday, March 9, 2015

It's a hard knock life

So this week had some ups and downs. And when I say ups and downs, I mean biking up and down hills! But in all seriousness, it was kinda rough this week. We had some good lessons but a ton fell through.

On that note, letsago!

Monday was the usual P-Day stuff! Unfortunately everyone bailed so we couldn't play basketball. Elder Ellsworth and I happened to bring our mitts however so we got to go throw the ball around! I haven't been able to do that in a long time. Right before we had dinner, a recent convert texted us and told us that he wouldn't be able to meet with us that night so we tried talking to a couple of the members for a while. While doing so, we realized we were going to be very late for our next appointment! Luckily Brother Sta*** was home and he took us over to our next appointment with the Stan***'s. We had a great FHE with them and committed them to do a family mission plan.

Tuesday was pretty much an all service day. We were at the Sta***'s digging holes and planting plants along different sidewalks in the area. The Hagem***'s picked us up after we had finished with that service project and took us out to lunch before our service project with them. We threw hay into the back of their truck and unloaded it at their home. We got cleaned up and walked over to Central Point East to contact some people that we have on our ward roster. We were inspired to go knock on this lady's door and the lady who answered it wasn't the one we were looking for but we ended up talking to her for thirty minutes or so on her doorstep. She had just retired as a homicide detective and was going through a very rough time. It just broke my heart watching this poor woman going through so much pain. We tried to help her but she wasn't really listening to what we had to say. It was an interesting experience that is for sure. After dinner with the Nich***'s, we had a lesson with Braden. He was baptized a few months ago but wasn't taught the new member lessons so we are staring to do that with him. He is a super cool guy and has a pretty strong testimony! When we finished up with that lesson we headed over to the Hea***'s to pretty much wipe our iPad's clean in preparation for Zone Conference.

Wednesday we spent all day in Grant's Pass in zone conference! We went over the priesthood and other aspects of the restoration. What took up a good chunk of zone conference was setting up our new iPads! That process took a long time! We were in Grant's Pass from about 8 to 5:30! It was a super long meeting but I learned a lot and got a new iPad along with it haha! When we got back and had dinner, we taught the Cole***'s about faith and how faith can help us overcome fear.

Thursday started off with weekly planning and lunch before heading over to Adam's house for a lesson about the Plan of Salvation. It went really well and he really enjoyed it! We used different segments of "Special Witnesses of Christ" so that was pretty sweet. We walked over to the Sta***'s home and had a lesson with Jay Par*** there. We had Brother Huef*** come and he ended up being a huge help. We were planning on going over the rest of the Plan of Salvation but he had a ton of questions about 2 Nephi 9 (the chapter we had left for him to read) so we did that instead. It was a super sweet lesson! We tried seeing some people up on Old Stage Road before heading over to dinner. We tried contacting some of the members in that area before working on getting our iPads set up with videos and other things that we needed to get downloaded. We had correlation with us, the sisters, and Brother Thur***! We covered a lot and the sisters brought Oreo balls!

Friday we had iPad training in the morning over at the stake center. It was almost the exact kind of training I got when I came to the field so it was a good refresher hah! We were able to read a few chapters out of the Book of Mormon with Mike Mead*** and that went really well. He has his own copy of the scriptures now so hopefully he will start reading on his own. We spent a few hours over there trying to contact several more people before biking over to the area north of the middle school. We tried tracting but it was a tough crowd that day! We had dinner and when dinner was over they invited us to go to Yo Twist, the local frozen yogurt place. It was super good haha! We once again tried contacting people but nothing came from it so we updated our lessons and got some things downloaded onto the iPads.

Saturday saw us over at Calvary temple doing the food pantry. It was a short service project for we only had 24 carts come through when we usually have about 55. It gave us time to grab a bite to eat before going to our lesson with Jay H. When we got there, his wife told us that he had left... bummer! So we did some OYMing before going over to the Geor***'s to take down their Christmas lights. Brother Geor*** isn't able to do it because of some health issues so we gladly did it for them. When we finished that, we parked our bikes at the Sta***'s and walked over to the Twin Creeks Xing building to teach Brother Rob***. He is an interesting man that is for sure! He told us why he hadn't gone to church and his problems with the Church. It was an interesting conversation with him. When he finished talking, it was time for dinner! Sarge took us to No Ho's, a local Hawaiian restaurant. It was super good! After dinner we biked over to Central Point East and contacted some people over there. Some were nice and some were just like "Don't ever come knocking on my door again" kinda deal haha!

Sunday was rough. Church was great and we had a ton of discussions in the different classes and it was just awesome. However, everything just fell through for us so we had to revamp our day. Angelo and Spencer canceled and Roxanne wanted to reschedule for next week so we got on the bikes and biked up to Old Stage Road. It was an intense bike ride and I was pretty whupped! We talked to a few people and one lady told us we were a cult haha I think that was the first time that someone had actually said that to me! Despite all the cancelations, we were able to get in and teach Joe Strickl*** and we read 2 Nephi 32 with him. He thoroughly enjoyed it and had some great insights.

Well... that was my week! It was bit of a rougher one but hopefully things will turn around this week! I know this Church is true! There is no doubt!

Love ya!
Elder Tonini

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