Monday, March 30, 2015

Just another week in Central Point

Well folks, I am serving in the Central Point 2nd ward for a fourth transfer! Because of the transfer, I wasn't able to write as much about it as I wanted to. I am super excited for this chance to be in Central Point for almost six months. It is so crazy for me to look back and realize that I have been a missionary for almost a year and I will have lived in Central Point for almost half of it! On top of that, I am also a district leader so that has been fun as well.

Well this week was a slower than usually but that is ok because it was spring break out here so hopefully things start to pick right back up! You ready for my week?

Monday was transfer day. The one good thing about staying for a long time in a area is you get to avoid packing up! We were at the transfer spot around 11:30 and I got to see some old missionary friends and picked up Elder Seymour. He is from Tucson, Arizona and I served around him when I was serving in Philomath. He is a goofy kid! Anyways, we dropped off his stuff and went grocery shopping before heading over to the church to email and play some basketball. Brother Hea*** picked us up for dinner and then afterwards drove us to Brother Thur***'s home so he could meet Elder Seymour. He took us to see Bishop but Bishop had gone to get some frozen yogurt with his kids (which is ok because I was the son of a bishop and it was always awesome when we got a chance to hang out!). So Brother Thur*** took us back home and Elder Seymour unpacked for a little bit. We then headed out to teach the Couvre***'s about family mission plans. It was great being able to be in their home and answer the kid's questions about missionary work or even our life back home.

Tuesday we headed over to the temple in hopes of helping out on the grounds but it was too wet for us to be effective so we signed up for a JustServe project and did some other stuff on the iPads before heading back to the apartment. We finished up lunch and headed over to Don's home. We had an interesting lesson with him. He had a ton of questions, some doctrinal and some historical but we were able to answer them and teach him about modern day prophets and the significance of the Book of Mormon. His only hold back is the limited archeological evidences we have. So we will continue to press forward with him and see what happens! When we finished up there, we were walking back towards the main part of town to contact people but we got a text from Bishop asking us to visit Dana and to get to the local hospital to give a sister in our ward a blessing. Seeing Dana was the easy part. Getting into Medford without a car was a bit tougher. Thankfully, Brother Reitt*** was able to take us there in his truck and we were able to administer to her. When we had finished up there, Brother Reitt*** took us home and we got a ride to dinner. We came back and walked over to the Cro***'s to share a Easter message with them.

Wednesday found me at the stake center doing district leader training with the zone leaders and the two new DL's. This was the funnest one I have been to! We played Jeopardy and just had a ton of fun while learning how to be better district leaders. We grabbed lunch before changing into service clothes for a service project with Elder Pease. A widow's yard had gotten out of control because her lawn mower broke and so Elder Pease fixed it up and we worked on her lawn for a few hours. She had a really big lawn! I spent most of my time weed whacking and trimming bushes. The funniest part was when Elder Pease got his truck stuck in the mud and Elder Seymour tried to help get the truck out and he got covered in mud. We got cleaned up and went to our dinner appointment. After dinner we went to the church and met with Bishop before going through our ward list and figuring the people I didn't know!

Thursday we had weekly planning in the morning and figured how next week was going to go for us. Elder Seymour ate some frozen pretzels that were pretty out of date so he wasn't feeling too good. He was able to get out of the apartment though and we walked over to Central Point East to talk to the members out there. We ended up talking to the John*** for a while. They are a great couple and he had a sick trike! I'll attach pictures! We talked to a couple other members before going back to our main area for dinner. The Couvre*** fed us tacos and then took us to correlation. Brother Sta*** wasn't home so we talked to the Huef***'s and they got their mission call to the Texas Houston Mission as CES specialists! We had ward correlation to finish up the night.

Friday we had good 'ol district meeting in the morning. It went ok, it was just super interesting with having new people in it. When district meeting was over, I went on exchanges with Elder Best and we went to go help Elder Christensen, our housing coordinator, move some people. When we got there though he didn't need our help. However, I got to see Elder West! The Spanish elders dropped us off at Taco Bell and we walked home to grab my stuff. On the way, some people in car made a dumb joke about Mormons and tweakers. It was so dumb it made me laugh! We walked over to Central Point East and shared the new Easter video with Mike and Kenny. We walked back over and headed to the church so Elder Best could meet the members of his ward at their ward party. After we hung out there a bit, we headed to dinner. When we left, I got my hands on a piece of granite from the same quarry that the SLC temple was built out of. I have since forgotten what we did haha! Maybe I will figure it out:)

Saturday we did a food drive at the church and we were there for a while! We tried seeing some people but nothing happened. We were able to talk to Adam but that is about it. We did get Hawaiian hut so that was good!

Sunday was the same story. People are out on spring break and we got ditched for a dog training class so that stunk.

I love y'all so much! Have a great week! This church is true!

Love y'all!

Elder Tonini

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