Monday, July 28, 2014

World Junior Championships featuring the Mormon Missionaries!

Hey all!

So this has been a long hard week!

Are ready to go down Memory lane?

Monday we had interviews with President and Sister Russell. He shared D&C 93 with me and shared his testimony of the savior and also challenged me to live my life in a way that I can see the Savior in my lifetime.

Tuesday we were given permission from President Russell to take a two-hour mini Pday because he felt bad that he took up most of our Pday. So I did what anyone would do and I took a nap! Haha however we had some appointments fall through so that was a bummer.

Wednesday was the best yet stressful day of the week! We went to Eugene for the World Junior championships at the University of Oregon! It was stressful mainly because they (I don't know who) didn't order the right sizes for me and didn't tell Elder Flora that they didn't have his shoe size! So we were an hour late for our shift but it's ok because we were driving some important people around and they had plenty of drivers. It was a good, fun experience. We also learned that Elder Ballard gave us the go ahead to do this!

Thursday we taught some recent converts. We taught Charlie about Zion and what we can do to achieve Zion. We also taught Mel and we almost got mauled by his dog! We thought the gate blocking the porch was secured but it wasn't and the dog came out snarling, looking like it wanted to bite me! But it just ran in a circle around me. We also ran into a potential family to teach so hopefully something comes of it!

Friday all of our appointments fell through so we did service and tried to talk to as many people as we could on the streets.

Saturday we got to go to the temple! The Portland temple is super awesome! It has a huge celestial room too! However, that took up most of our day so we tried to go see some less actives and potentials.

Sunday we got a referral from Robin so we are really hoping his friend is open to the gospel! We also talked to a guy for 30 minutes about many things haha!

I'm so sorry that this is short:( it was a long email too! I think it's because of the pictures... I will make sure not to do that again!

Just wanted to share a scripture that was shared with me recently. In John 14:12, Christ tells us to believe ON Him, to use him as a foundation as Helaman 5:12 says. So always lean on Christ in all that you do!


Elder Tonini

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