Monday, July 14, 2014

So I might have stolen a mini fridge.....

So I got transferred.... Kidding. But seriously one of the ZL's told me I was going to Yreka, California to be a district leader and train. HA! So I am staying in Philomath with Elder Flora!

Monday was pretty sweet! After emailing, we went thrift shopping and I got two awesome ties for $2.50! While we were out and about, Ted asked us if we could come bale some hay! Man he had a lot of hay! We then asked if we could come sometime during the week for a lesson and he said yes! It was awesome!

Tuesday pretty much everything fell through. We finally got my bike going after six weeks so we rode around on our bikes and I'm getting used to it! But that is all that happened..

Wednesday we had two birthdays to celebrate. One of the sisters and Robin had birthdays. We got Robin a donut because that was all we could afford:) We read scriptures with Charley before going to our lesson with Ted and Kayla. It was interesting to say the least. This was the first lesson with them since April and he had a lot of questions, mainly the history of the Book of Mormon and such. The Spirit really worked on him towards the end of the lesson and he was super committed to read 3 Nephi 11!

Thursday was a lot of service! We did yard work for Ben and taught him about Joseph Smith. He told us that he walked through the ruins of the Nauvoo temple! We also got to meet an AWESOME member family, the Nelson's. They moved from Corvallis to Philomath and needless to say, they are a fun family!

Friday was Zone training meeting along with new missionary training. We also learned that we get to go to the temple soon! I finished up my first half of training! About time! We had another day full of dropped appointments so we met up with some recent converts and some members. One of our recent converts, Jose, told us he got arrested because the cops mis-typed his plates and the ones that popped up were stolen years ago so they arrested him! Super funny haha! He had a good attitude haha:)

Saturday we spent three hours moving in the Mecham family from Corvallis. They have a HUGE family haha. Brother Mecham is from Houston and went to Texas A&M for vet school!!! Anyways they had a big piano that we actually had no problems with except for Sister Mecham being doubtful where to put it so we left it on the rolling dollies! We then went to Corvallis to load more things into the truck and unloaded that. After lunch and showering, we had a miracle happen! We were walking down the street and we OYM'd a family and talked about "The Family: A Proclamation" and they want us to come by tonight! Pretty sweet.

So yesterday we stole a mini fridge. Yup. Stole it. Robin's fridge busted and the insulin he has for his diabetes needs to be refrigerated so we offered to try to find a temporary fridge. We stopped at a members home to see if they were home. Just as we were getting ready to leave, one of the sons came home and said that they had one but we had to wait to see if it worked. Well he left and we were waiting for it to get cold. So we took it out of their ourselves... And we looked like we were stealing it! Haha adventure time!

I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Tonini

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