Monday, September 8, 2014

I Just Love Being A Missionary!

Hey everyone! I hope Labor Day and the week was good for everyone! We had a good week and I'm pumped to talk about it!

Monday we had our Labor Day picnic and although we showed up late we had some great food and I got stung by a yellow jacket! Stan came to the picnic about the same time that we did and a yellow jacket was flying around his plate. It landed and he flicked it off. Well I felt a pain immediately in my arm and I look and somehow this yellow jacket stung me going end over end! I'm ok though I promise!

Tuesday was super duper slow. We set up some appointments for later in the week and we tracted some. The biggest highlight of the day though was what we ate! We were invited over to Jose's house and his mom made some soup. Well we found out later that it was cow stomach! Yummy!

Wednesday we did some splits and I went with Brother Waite and four teachers. We had a list of people we were trying to go see but Ben called and asked if we could come help out put his truck on the ground so we obliged. We ended up putting all four tires back on and it took forever but we did it!

Thursday wasn't our most successful day teaching-wise. We had some less actives shut us down and some potentials told us that they don't want us to come back so that was a bummer. But we got to help out Sister C***** pick plums that she couldn't reach so that was great.

Friday we had zone training meeting and it went pretty well! Had some good insights shared and I am looking to apply them in my teaching! We did exchanges right after and I went with Elder Romero back to Philomath. We changed into service clothes and did some grout on a members neighbor's house for a little while. We had an appointment set up for John M. But he wasn't home in time. After dinner we got some items we had requested from the mission office and we taught some recent converts later in the evening.

Saturday was pretty dang awesome! We traveled all the way out to Lobster Valley (some 30 or so miles away but took an hour because of all the twists and turns) and we met Tiffany S. She is living with some members out there and she and her fiancé wanted to take the discussions. We went there with Brother Parker and we taught the Restoration to her and the Bradburys. She had a couple of questions we were able to answer and at the end of the lesson, we felt prompted to ask her if she would follow in the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and she said yes! We even set a date! It was so great!!:) To top it off, we biked to our dinner with a member family and we ended up going at a pretty good Mexican restaurant!

Sunday was just as good as Saturday was! We had a great time at church and before we knew it the afternoon flew by and it was time to go to Maxx's baptism! Elder Flora got to come up for that so it was good seeing him again! So many people came that we had to go into the chapel!! The Spirit was so strong and it was pretty incredible:) we spent the rest of our night biking to dinner and to lessons. It was great:)

I miss all of you so much! You are all such great examples to me! I love you all and there is no doubt!


Elder Tonini

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