Monday, September 1, 2014

"And we are never ever ever getting back together!"

Howdy from Philomath!

So this was my first week being a full on missionary! It's pretty exciting! This was a super slow week to be honest. So beware of a somewhat dry email until the end! You have been warned!

I already talked a little bit about my Monday went but to wrap it up, I got Elder West as my new companion later on that night and we drove into Philomath around like 6:15 and went straight to dinner. He just ended up unpacking the rest of the night. He is an awesome elder from Star Valley, Wyoming and I am his first companion who won't be going home in the next three months haha!

Tuesday we had to go grocery shopping because we didn't have enough time on Monday to do it. We then went through our former investigators records and we picked out some formers that we would try to go see and also the people on our potentials list. So that is what we did! We didn't have a lot of success... We did talk to a lady who was super nice (she knows quite a few families in the ward and her son investigated the church) and she said we could stop by and get water anytime! Maybe we can plant a seed there!

Wednesday we tried seeing formers again and we actually did have something come from it! We knocked Kim's door and she opened it and we talked to her for 45 minutes or so! She is coming to our Labor Day picnic today so we are going to introduce her to the sisters. We are really hoping that we can get her to stop drinking coffee because she said that is what held her back. She also gave us some sandwiches for a quick lunch.... Not sure how good the meat or the honey mustard were because we were in some serious pain! Haha!

Thursday was definitely rough. We went and tried a former named Anna and when we knocked on the door she opened it and we talked for like five minutes. She said she wasn't interested in seeing us again and proceeded to give us a break-up letter of sorts (which is why the subject line of this email is a Taylor Swift song!) where she told the sister missionaries why she wouldn't join the LDS church. It was filled with LDS quotes and such but she just went looking for things that were wrong in her eyes and she felt justified in these quotes (and she wasn't. It was a bunch of hogwash! Apparently we aren't spirit children of God according to her). So we went home later that night and we got rid of it. And then not even five minutes later this guy named Gary decided to try to destroy our faith, especially around the doctrine of the spirit world. Again, a bunch of hogwash. He contradicted himself multiple times and said that our spirit remains with our body after we die....yeah I don't think that is how that works! But besides that, John R. called us and told us that he was going to church on Sunday!

Friday we had a good district meeting. Me and Elder West dominated the competition part of it haha and we got some sweet bread from a Mexican bakery! Other than that we spent most of our day tracting and talking to people on the street.

Saturday was another day of searching for someone who needs the message of the Gospel or just service. We drove out almost to Alsea to try to see a potential investigator but he wasn't home! Bummer! On top of that he has no phone! We stopped by another potentials home and he gave us back the Book of Mormon that the sisters had given him... Ouch.

Sunday was the best day though! We had an awesome sacrament meeting and John R. came for it! He couldn't stay though because he forgot to take his meds. After church we had a lesson planned for RJ and we actually ended up teaching two young men from Lithuania about the Restoration! They go home in two days but the seed has been planted! And then after dinner we got a call from the Relief Society president about teaching the brother of a member who loves out in Lobster Valley! Although it'll mean asking for rides (it's about 80 miles round trip), we are super excited to go teach them!

That is how my week went. It was a rough one but we are going to kick it into high gear these next few weeks! People can try tearing my faith in the Gospel down but I know that this church is the true church! Always build your faith in that and the Book of Mormon. If you do, you can't fall, because there is no doubt.

Love you all!

Elder Tonini

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