Monday, August 10, 2015

The One where We start teaching Wade and Pearl!

Hey everyone!

So this was a pretty good week for us!

Tuesday morning we were up at 5:30 and out the door by 6:10 to go to Eugene for MLC. President Cropper took us, the Central Point zone leaders, and the Grants Pass zone leaders up to Eugene. We had some awesome gospel conversations on the way up! MLC was pretty good and I learned a lot about being a real missionary and stuff like that. After MLC, we went to the mission office and the mission home before heading back up north. That was the first time that I have been to the mission home! We stopped to eat at a super good restaurant and OYM'd a couple at a nearby table. We found out through our conversation that they knew President Cropper's son! By the time that we got done with MLC and dinner and all that fun stuff, we were back in Medford around 9:00 pm!

Elder Kunz and I were the only ones awake!
Wednesday morning we went and helped a family in the ward move out. It was pretty dang quick haha! It took 30 minutes to accomplish it all. We met up with the sisters to plan out ZTM and get an outline for it prepared. We picked up Brother Roberts and met up with Sister Mos***. It went really well! We decided to skip over the last part of the Restoration and go over the Plan of Salvation. It was something that she needed to hear. We then had a lesson with Tammy and we finally found out the reason she isn't progressing like she should've. We now know what we can do to help her! We received some money for dinner and since it was Elder Tatio's birthday, we went and ate Thai food! It was pretty good. We then planned for our segment of ZTM to end the night.

Thursday morning we spent our morning doing weekly planning and messaging people on Facebook. We then went to the Family History Center and made a program for ZTM. After we printed it all out we went over to the McHat***'s for dinner and a lesson. Andrew had to leave before we could share the message but we were able to adjust it to the McHat***'s needs. We had a lesson scheduled with Bobby but he failed to show up at the church so we talked to Brother Edwa*** for a couple of minutes before going out and OYMing a couple of people. To end the night, we had correlation at the church.

Friday we had ZTM and it went pretty well. We were at the stake center at 7:30 for new missionary training and then we had ZTM. We had some good segments and then there was one where it was kinda sketchy and I don't think anyone knew what they were supposed to be teaching about... but we made it work. We had lunch with a member from Grants Pass who knows Elder Taito. We had Red Robin and man it was super good! Afterwards, we had a lesson with Cameron and at the very beginning of the lesson he told us that he was not only getting the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday but his temple recommend AND his patriarchal blessing recommend as well! He is such a stud! Afterwards, we drove to Grants Pass and picked up the new missionaries iPad's from the Grants Pass zone leaders. We had dinner before setting up a lesson with Sally and seeing Sister McAllister. We delivered the iPads to end the night.

Saturday was long! We messaged a kid that we were trying to teach and he told us that his mom didn't want us to come by ever again... it stinks because his mom is the reason we got in contact with him! We organized our area book until lunch and afterwards picked up Kellin at the church for a couple of lessons we had. We taught the Johnston's about prayer and then we taught Brother Griffe*** about where we go after we die. We then visited with a less active's non-member dad and invited him to the Linger Longer we were going to have after church on Sunday. We had dinner with the Heath's before heading over to the stake center for a baptism that the 8th ward was having. To wrap up our night, we taught the Poncer***'s about the Plan of Salvation.

Sunday was super good. We left church to give a blessing to Wade and Pearl's baby in the NICU. It reminded me of what must've happened when my cousins Luke and Ian were born prematurely, just like Wade and Pearl's baby. We gave the blessing and then came back to help ordain Cameron to the Aaronic Priesthood! It was pretty sweet. We then taught a couple of less actives to end our day.

I love y'all! Have a good week!

Elder Tonini

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