Monday, August 17, 2015

The One Were We Pick Some Pears!

Hey everyone!

I hope that everyone had a better week than I did! We had a lot of stuff not happen but what did happen was pretty sweet.

After emailing on Monday we went to go open the Brookhurst building for President Crop*** to talk to Chris about his progress in the church. Afterwards, President Crop*** took us to Costco and got us some food from there! We had dinner and a lesson with the Gard*** family before going out and trying to contact people. We talked to Sandy and she said that she doesn't want us to come back by until the middle of September. We went to Amanda's after that with Kellin and gave her a blessing before going to the Gret***'s home to drop some stuff off at their house. What could've been an easy drop ff turned into an hour long discussion about the Book of Mormon class and what we could do to improve it. That discussion took up the last little bit of time that we had before going in so we headed on home. On the way home, I might've accidentally killed a duck... it was on the road on the backside of a rise and I tried to avoid it but I hit it.... It was a sad night for me!

Tuesday was pretty sweet. We spent 4 hours at the pear farm picking pears! We were on the platform, which involves being strapped into a moving platform and picking pears! I have pictures but it is on my camera.... So it will be a little bit before I get those home. We showered and then went and taught Sister Mos*** a little bit about the Restoration. We then tried contacting people until dinner and then we spent the rest of our night correlating with the sisters and the 3rd ward elders about what we could do to vamp up our Book of Mormon class.

Wednesday we worked on a questionnaire for a leadership training meeting we were having on Thursday and then our day went to the dogs. All of our lessons canceled... all of them. So we met up with Stirling Robin***, who is the YSA ward mission leader, and talked about some of the people that the YSA missionaries were visiting. We went by the church to map out the YSA investigators and we saw Wade on the way there. He pulled into the church parking lot and he had this big 'ol grin on his face. He told us that he bought a marriage certificate AND that after the blessing that I gave his newborn in the NICU that he was taken out of NICU and has his own room now! It's pretty humbling to see God work through you! We contacted a YSA investigator who said he was not interested so we visited with the Coom***'s and she asked for a blessing so after dinner we came and gave her a blessing. We then fixed the Sister missionaries' dryer (who knew that I could do that?) and then we ended up contacting some members near the church to end the night.

Thursday was slow. We had leadership training that took up all morning and good chunk of the afternoon. We then had a couple of lessons with Cameron and Andrew before our lesson with Wade and Pearl. It was a super long lesson, partly because they were late and then because we kept getting off topic.. Oh well! We then went to the last 15 minutes of correlation to end the night.

Friday we had new missionary training in the morning followed by district meeting. It was a decent district meeting and it ended early... We headed over to lunch with President Crop*** and he was a couple of minutes late so I decided to check our tire pressure and our front right tire was at 20 PSI. So after India Palace with President Crop***, we went to Les Schaub (I can't spell it...) and got a new tire. It took forever and so we stopped by the Johns***'s and shared a message with them. We then paid Brother Griffe*** a visit and he was watching Marcus Mariota take on the Falcons! We came right at halftime so we shared a message that tied into football! It was pretty sweet! After dinner, we visited people with Sister Spen*** and OYM'd a lady named Nichole and her brother to end the night.

Saturday was just.... meh. We did weekly planning and then afterwards everyone canceled again so we just tried to contact people. We had dinner at Jimmy John's and after dinner Tammy texted us and dropped us, saying she couldn't accept the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. That sucked but at least she was honest. We got ice cream to drown our sorrows and then we went and talked to Melo's dad for an hour. We then visited with Brother Pet*** and made a 7-11 run to end the night.

Sunday we had church and it was pretty awesome! We had several investigators at church and it was a blast. We took lunch after and then we contacted a couple of former investigators before dinner. We got a return appointment with a Samoan lady so that will be fun! We had dinner before heading off to the stake center for a Just Serve committee meeting. We bailed early to go see the McHat***'s and we were able to get a family home evening set up.

That's my week! Take care and I love y'all! I know that the Church is true!

Elder Tonini

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