Monday, July 6, 2015

The One Where I Go To California!

Hey everyone!

Tuesday morning we got into our service clothes and headed up to the pear farm to help out with a couple of things around the farm. Elder Hinton and I spent our time drilling holes and hammering metal out! We had a good time helping out! We took lunch and then we headed over to the church to do some stuff on the iPad's before our lesson with Cameron. We talked about faith in Jesus Christ and repentance and he took it in well. This time around he didn't have too many questions but he still had some good ones! We read the story of Alma and it hit home for me to read that story with him. It's amazing to read of the pain Alma went through and then how he later would become the spiritual leader of the people because of his faith in Christ and his repentance. After Cameron's lesson, we booked it to our lesson with Sister Mos*** and we took Brother Peder*** along. We read a scripture in Isaiah 53 about the Savior's sacrifice and then, to drive it home, we watched "The Lamb of God" video and it helped Sister Mos*** to really understand how the Savior understands each and every single one of us. After Sister Mos*** we were supposed to have a lesson with Garrett but he canceled... We knocked on the door and we heard floorboards creak but no one opened up the door haha. Fun times! A member in the ward dropped off KFC for us and while we were digging in, we received a phone call from President Russell telling us that the Sisters are going to be inspecting apartments with Sister Russell during interviews! So we spent a good chunk of our time cleaning before our lesson with Tammy. Bishop W went with us and we had a decent lesson with Tammy... She was confrontational but luckily we had the bishop there with us! After Tammy, we gave a blessing to Brother Hea*** due to his surgery this week. We were supposed to have Book of Mormon class but no one showed so we talked to the sisters until Joe showed up for our lesson with Sandy. She canceled so we headed back to the church and happened to run into Sergio. He is an interesting man that is for sure! We talked with Brother Robe*** and Brent before grabbing some BK ice cream to end the night!

On Wednesday we started off our day by helping Amanda, the member who lives below us, with her fence. Her dog keeps getting out so we nailed some wood planks across some of the bigger gaps. We got dressed into proselyting clothes and made a post office and Goodwill run before going to lunch with the 6th ward elders. Afterwards I went on exchanges with Elder Smith, the district leader in Medford 6th ward. We walked over to People's Bank to grab Wifi so I could do an iPad check. We got picked up by a young man in the ward and we drove over to a car dealership in the center of Medford. A former investigator called and wanted us to come see him at his work and when we got there, we figured out why the previous set of missionaries dropped him! He was super confrontational and asking questions like why we don't observe the Sabbath on Saturday and why we don't follow the days of feasts and random stuff like that from the Bible. He kept raising his voice at us and trying to prove his point.. It was a difficult situation. After that we walked over to a less active's house and we got talking and she mentioned that she lived in Texas. She told me that she lived in a suburb called Glencairn! I grew up there! We spent ten minutes talking about Houston and the Bear Creek area! It was so much fun! We then scooted over to an investigators house to grab her phone number before walking to Hometown Buffett with a lady named Sister Lar***. She told us some amazing stories about her time around some of the Apostles! When we finished up there, the ward mission leader picked us up and took us to a former investigators house. We had a good conversation with them but they are pretty set in their ways and they like the idea of not having to do good works to please God. So whatever. We talked around and tried contacting some former members before walking home. Elder Smith had to go pee so we looked up where the nearest member lived and we knocked on their door. Oh man that lady was so rude haha! I tried to explain that there is a process to remove her records from the church and man she did not want to hear it! So we moved on and about half way home a member in Medford 2nd Ward swung back around after driving by us and picked us up and took us home!

Thursday was a pretty long day. Elder Hinton came and picked me up to go and set up the stake center for interviews. We came back to our apartment and did weekly planning over at the church before grabbing lunch and heading over to the stake center for interviews. We ended up being there from 1:00 pm to almost 5 pm! President Russell instructed us a little bit and then the AP's helped us get ready for the Facebook roll out! This time is pretty different though. We can't even friend family and friends on Facebook until President Russell gives us the go ahead. In the mean time, we are allowed to use Facebook to message investigators and members along with recent converts in previous areas. When we finished with interviews, we headed over to dinner and then to our lesson with Brent. We talked to him about making covenants and going to the temple. It was a good lesson and I think he really enjoyed it. What made it awesome was that we found out at the end of our lesson that Michelle was there in the backyard! We were able to talk to her and we shared a message with her and got a time set up to teach her again. We updated our Area Book and chilled with the AP's to end the night.

Friday morning we picked up the YSA and 6th Ward missionaries for a zone service project at the pear farm. We dug trenches and worked our tails off for two hours. We grabbed lunch with YSA, Phoenix, Ashland, and 6th Ward at Burger King before getting dressed and going to our lesson with Cameron. We had a good lesson about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and at the end of the lesson we found out that President Packer passed away. I will miss that spiritual giant of a man! We were able to get Cameron on date for August 1 though! We tracked for a little bit and then we stopped by the McHatton's and taught them about the 10 commandments and set up dinner with them for the Fourth. We took dinner and then we visited a ton of people to end our night. We talked to a guy named Warren and he was hammered out of his mind! He kept pulling random Bible scriptures out of his mind and it was super weird... Haha. It was fun though!

Saturday was Independence Day! We started off our morning at our ward's 4th of July pancake breakfast and we had a couple of investigators and less actives there so that was pretty awesome. We were supposed to meet up with Jenny and Cory in the morning but they flaked out on us so we went on splits with the 8th ward missionaries. Elder Spencer and I attempted to contact people but no one was home. While we were walking around, a member from the 8th Ward picked us up and took us back to his house for some hot dogs and watermelon! He then drove us back to the apartment in his super old car! We grabbed lunch with 8th Ward and Spanish, although us and 8th Ward grabbed McDonald's while Spanish grabbed Carl's Jr. When we went into McDonald's, a member saw us and gave us his debt card to buy food! That was awesome! As soon as we finished up with lunch, Elder Hinton and I road tripped down to California! It was pretty awesome to think that I was in the same state that Drew served in! We didn't have a ton of luck though... We tried contacting some referrals and potentials but no one was around. We were however able to teach Austin. He has had a crazy life! He's been to jail and has a parole officer but he is a good kid. We talked to him about his habits and committed him to pray for strength. We drove back into Oregon for dinner and then we played board games and watched fireworks to end the night.

Sunday morning we had ward council and church. We had two investigators come to church so that was awesome. We went on splits with the 6th ward and then with the Phoenix elders. We had dinner and then had a awesome lesson with Michelle. We went over the Restoration and she took it really well. We are going to try and get her back on date soon! We then had a lesson with Cory and Jenny to end the night. It seems as though they have been getting anti-Mormon material... It's super sad.

I hope hall had a good week! I love yall and miss ya!

Elder Tonini

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