Monday, June 29, 2015

The One Where People Get Baptized and We Teach Cam

Hey everyone!

This was a solid week of finding for Elder Hinton and me! We had a lot of good things happen and it left me worn out haha! We have had multiple days of 100 degrees or more so it has been hot as of late.

Let's get down to business! To defeat, the Huns!

Oh wait... wrong song. Anyways.

Monday was pretty awesome! We did our shopping and then had Costco for lunch. We were kinda bummed when a lady told us that we couldn't come through the exit like we have been for the last 7 months haha but we will find a way around it. I enjoy a good Costco dog every now and then! After that, we headed over to the Juanaperio building to do some emailing on the computers. We started playing some basketball when we get a call from the Sisters. They told us that Cameron, a teenager who has been coming to church off and on for the last month or so, was trying to get a hold of us. We called him and he told us that he wanted to start taking lessons and to get baptized! We cut our P-Day short to go teach him the Restoration. It was a super solid lesson and he had a ton of awesome questions! He is a golden investigator! We had a lesson set up for 6:30 with a new investigator but he wasn't home. While we were walking through the complex, a lady in a wheelchair started yelling at us and calling us "bible thumpers". It was funny haha. We went and saw a couple of less active families with Brother Schm*** to end the night.

Tuesday morning we drove down to Phoenix to continue our service at the cemetery down there. We picked up 5th ward and then Phoenix before heading on over to the cemetery. We did pretty much the same thing that we did last time. I handled a weed whacker for the most part and we got a lot done. I got talking to a volunteer at the cemetery and he put his hand on my shoulder and told me he hoped that I will find the true Jesus haha! It made me laugh. After the service and eating lunch, I did my first ever exchange as a zone leader with Elder Garrard and it was a lot of fun! We found a new investigator and had a tough time with an extremely less active. He was arguing a ton of doctrine and it was difficult. We tried visiting people in Medford and Phoenix but no one was around so I did an iPad check at Jack in the Box. I got a free drink from a nice cashier dude haha!

Wednesday morning we exchanged back so I could go to Cameron's lesson and also provide some service for the Brum***'s. I killed a wasps nest haha and we killed some blackberry bushes! We tracted for a little bit before double dipping on dinner. We had dinner with a recent convert and then had dinner with a nonmember family! We had a great discussion with them and even though they go to an Anti-Mormon church in the area, they really were interested in what we had to say! We had our Book of Mormon class and then we ended our night watching a youth open his mission call to the Ohio Columbus mission!

Thursday was sweet. We went to the temple and had a great session! Some of the Central Point 2 members were there so that was cool. We challenged the Ashland Elders to a finding challenge and we found two new investigators! After that we had dinner up at the Zohar farm before correlation.

Friday we had district meeting and it was interesting! We had a lady come in asking for assistance and we were able to help her out a little bit. After district meeting we had another meeting about what we could do to find more people to teach and it went okay, some people just shoot the messengers :). We took a kid named Joe for a lesson with Sister Moses and we talked about humility with her. We had dinner and then we went into Central Point to watch Madi get baptized! It was an awesome service and it was so great being able to see her make that promise to Heavenly Father.

Saturday we got our bike rack off our mini van! It was stuck on there so a member was able to get it off for us! We tried visiting members and less actives all morning and into the afternoon before going back into Central Point for Sally's baptism! It was good but I had to bail early because they took forever to get to the church! We taught Cameron for the third time this week and then tracted for an hour or so before dinner. We tried to meet with Danny but he wasn't home so we got to talk to his dad instead!

Sunday we had church and we had two investigators come to church. Afterwards we tried to tract but we didn't have much luck so we lost to the Sisters for the finding challenge... Oh well, you win some and you lose some. We had three lessons bail but it gave us the opportunity to see a couple of less actives and see another youth open his mission call to the Salt Lake City East Mission!

We had a great week! It was a ton of fun and two people that I taught got baptized so that made it all the better:)

Have a great week!

Elder Tonini

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