Monday, July 20, 2015

The One Where We Did Work!

Monday was the usual P-Day festivities. We went shopping and did some emailing before playing basketball with a guy who is 6'7 and has a scholarship to go play somewhere! He was REALLY good. We got cleaned up and had dinner with the Engl***'s. I connected with Sister Engl*** very well; She is a big A's fan haha so we talked trash about the Dodgers! It was super fun! :) We then spent the rest of our night out contacting people that were potentials or members we didn't know. We drove over to the west side of Medford looking for this one guy! Unfortunately.... We couldn't find him but it was fun nevertheless!

Tuesday was a solid day of teaching! We had a lesson first thing in the morning with a girl named Kendra. She is a former investigator that doesn't have much of a Christian background but wants to retake the lessons! We brought one of the youth with us and we went over the Restoration. It was a good lesson, we just hope that she took all of it in. After the lesson, we went on exchanges with Elder Eldridge in my area. That meant I got to drive the mini van around for a day! We went to the church and did an iPad check before our lesson with Cameron. We had a good lesson with him about tithing and fasting. We then had a lesson with Sister Mos*** about hope before going to the church and updating some lessons. We took dinner at our apartment because a member dropped off some pizza for us. We had a couple of lessons set up for after dinner but they bailed so we OYM'd until the Book of Mormon class. We had lesson with Brent afterwards and it went really well! We talked about the 10 commandments and we were able to have a good talk with him about those.

Wednesday morning we started off our morning chopping wood down in Ashland before we exchanged back. I was pretty dang sore and tired! We attempted to contact a couple of potentials but that bore very little fruit. We taught a short lesson to Brother and Sister Johns*** before meeting with Brother Peder*** to go to our lesson with Tammy. That lesson was the happiest I have ever seen Tammy! She connected well with Brother Peder*** and she was open to the message that we shared with her about the Atonement. After our lesson, Brother Peder*** suggested that we go see a less active youth and so we took Nathan and invited him to the youth activity that night (which was water balloon Capture the Flag by the way). The member who was supposed to feed us forgot so she gave us $20 to go to Panda Express! When we got there, Danny happened to be there as well and we had dinner with him! We met up with Brother Rappple*** for our lesson with Sherri. Although her non-member husband wasn't able to sit in, we still had a good lesson with her and her son!

Thursday we did weekly planning in the morning before going out and about for the day. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get much accomplished because we had to write out several lists of people for the senior couple in Yreka to go and see. The whole process took two hours... It took all the time in the afternoon until dinner. We had dinner with a family that just moved up from San Antonio! We had a lesson with an investigator named Bobby. We hadn't been able to meet up with him in forever so that was good. We had correlation to end the night.

I don't have much time so I will recap the rest of the week as so!

Friday: District meeting, took a trip to California! Had a lesson with Austin, had a couple of lessons bail, and the AP's broke into our apartment!

Saturday: Picked up a bike box, talked to a guy who moved to Minot, reset our TIWI, taught a couple of lessons, and talked to some interesting people!

Sunday: Church, talked to a guy who was a gangbanger, had a lesson with Cameron, and taught a couple of less-actives

That is my week! Love y'all!

Elder Tonini

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