Monday, June 8, 2015

The One where we put Sally on Date!

Hey everyone!

So this was one of slower weeks with the amount of lessons taught but we had a pretty fun week!

Monday after P-Day we had dinner with the Sta*** and then we ended up staying there until 9! We got talking about the Gospel and such and then I was showing Sister Sta*** how to use her Gospel Library to her full advantage! It was a ton of fun being able to help the Sta*** out in any way that I could! They have done so much for me and I look for any way to pay them back!

Tuesday morning we got into service clothes and helped out Elder Pease and the 1st Ward Elders with some service for a widowed lady in the ward. Elder Pease and I put up some shelving for her while the others worked on the lawn. I wore my boots for the service project haha!:) Elder Best and I had something we had to take care of so we left the Pease's and the other Elders and attended to that. We decided to go get lunch right after and there we met up with the Pease's and 1st Ward by accident! It was a good lunch and a great time to be with the Pease's. They have been so great to me! We got showered and dressed in our proselyting clothes to go see some people but no one was around. We met up at the 1st Ward Elders' apartment with the Medford 4th and 3rd Elders to be able to get Elder White, Elder Sorensen, and Elder Stilwell to the church in Medford so they could go on their mission-ending temple trip to the Portland temple! Because of that, Elder Bonham joined Elder Best and I until his companion got back from Portland. We tried to see a less active in our ward but they canceled so we just packed up to go and stay in the Gold Hill apartment for the night.

Wednesday morning we went and shared a message with Brother Mad*** before he took us out to eat. We talked about over coming trials and I shared a talk from President Kimball where he quoted a scripture that said "give me this mountain". It was a good little lesson. After lunch we drove back into Central Point and switched cars to save on miles. Elder Bonham took us in his car to Eagle Point for a lesson with an investigator. It was an interesting lesson haha! The investigator is a teenager and the members there were teenagers as well so it made for a pretty crazy lesson! She had some deep doctrinal questions but we were able to answer them. After the lesson, we went back to Central Point for service and a meal with Sister Hagem*** and her husband. We chopped up some wood scraps for the same sister we helped the day before and had some fresh rainbow trout for dinner. By the time we were all done with that, we were in a state of limbo because the other Elders were making their way back down and they had an ETA for 7:30 but it kept getting pushed back until like 8:30! I was able to see Elder Flora again when I picked up the 1st Ward Elders. I am going to miss that guy!

Thursday we had weekly planning and lunch before going out and about and trying to see people until our lesson with Madi. We met at the Kitc***'s home and we went over the Law Of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. We used the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet and it went really well. We then went to the Book of Mormon class and the Sisters taught it this time around. Geraldine was able to attend so that was pretty awesome. We had pie and then helped the zone leaders out in prep for zone training meeting the next day.

The zone training meeting we had Friday morning was probably one of the more fun ones I have been a part of! The zone leaders started it off with some team building activities. One was the three legged race and the other involved groups of four missionaries trying to get to the end of some bleachers by going in front of one another on the same step. If that made sense. If not, my bad. Anyways, after working up a sweat, we heard from the Sisters before it was the district leader's turn! We played Jeopardy and it was a lot of fun! Lots of good answers and insights were shared. After ZTM, we went with Eagle Point and 1st Ward to Subway. Elder Best and I arrived first and we walked in to see President Thompson, the Central Point stake president! He saw us and told us he was going to buy for us! Right after he paid for us, everyone else showed up and were in the process of ordering when another member, this time from the Medford 6th ward, paid for all four of their meals! That has never happened to me before haha! After lunch, we switched vehicles with Eagle Point so they can bring in a grill for the zone bbq we are having today. That means I get to drive a Jeep on my mission! It's a nice little car haha. Anyways, after all of that, we once again set out on our journey to find people to teach but had little luck.

Saturday morning we were in Gold Hill volunteering at the Gold Hill Gold Dust Day! We talked to a ton of non-members and we even got a free brisket sandwich with homemade coleslaw and homemade BBQ sauce! It was dang good! We had a fun experience while we were there. There was a booth being run by the same church that I got into a bible bash with back in Junction City and we stopped and talked with him for a half hour haha. He was kinda rude and basically told me I was going to hell. I think I annoyed him when I said I wasn't worried about it!! It gave me an opportunity to bear my testimony on the Atonement of Christ and that through Him and doing all that I can do, I will be forgiven. It was a good experience for us, I'm not sure about him though. Anyways, that took a little longer than we thought so we weren't able to see Adam or Mike... We went to the family history center and printed off some talks and then spent the night contacting.

Sunday was pretty awesome. During the beginning of the third hour, a man named Brother Cliff*** came up to us and said that his non-member wife is ready to get baptized and wants to set a baptismal date with us. Sally Cliff*** is basically a dry Mormon who has been taught for over 6 months by different missionaries in different places! We set up a lesson for later on that night! We didn't get out of church until 4:15 and that gave us enough time to come home and get out of the suit to go to dinner with the Hu***'s. After dinner, we gave the 1st Ward Elders a ride and then we met up with the Cliff***'s at the church. Sister Cliff*** basically taught us the Restoration and we put her on date for June 27th, the same day as Madi! I hope I stay close to this area so I can come back for the baptisms.

We have transfers this week so if you are mailing anything later then like Wednesday or Thursday, send it to the mission office address! I am 95% sure I am leaving but with my recent history, who knows what will happen!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your support and your testimonies! I know that this church is true and I know that my Redeemer lives! There is no doubt!

Elder Tonini

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