Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey all!

So this was a good week capped off with General Conference and transfer calls!

Monday we had a mini-Olympics and man it was fun! Egg tossing, water balloons everywhere, marshmallows, everything! We then played some sand volleyball in the rain and then basketball to end it!

Tuesday we tried to see a couple of people but nothing really happened. We did talk to this guy named James and man he was a character! He was all for polygamy and had a couple of beers so he wasn't totally coherent haha!

Wednesday we were finally able to sit down and teach John M*****! We read 3 Nephi 11 and we felt as though he really took it in so we are hoping things can start progressing with him. We were also able to see Karen, the lady we have the Book of Mormon to last week. She hadn't been able to read but she invited us in and even tried to get her son to come say hi! We also had dinner with President and Sister Russell, who were having dinner with some of the young men and young women.

Thursday we went and helped Ben out with some of the metal he was trying to get off his hands. We had correlation that evening and afterwards we went and talked to Stan. We were there for a long time! However, we decided that he wasn't progressing so we dropped him... I am so bummed about it because he has the urge to change but he doesn't know the way to change is right in front of him!

Friday we had Zone Training Meeting (ZTM). We had some things that we were able to do be banned (as in missionary ball and district lunch) and we had a great ZTM. We learned about this new program called Just Serve, a way for us missionaries to get more involved in the community. After zone lunch (little Caesars, my favorite!) I went with Elder Romero on an exchange. We tried seeing some of the Spanish investigators but no one was home.

Saturday we got calls. I'm now in Junction City! Haha we were at the stake center pretty much all weekend and I packed and did laundry.

Sorry this is a shorter email. I will do better next time! I loved this general conference. There was so much advice and counsel given I can't even begin to describe it! Please take heed to the counsels that the prophets and apostles have shared! They can bless your life!

I love you all so much! I hope you have a good week!

Elder Tonini

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