Monday, October 13, 2014

First Week in JC!

Hey everyone!

This was my first week with my new companion, Elder Cook, and in my second area of my mission! We had a good week and I'm stoked for this email.

Monday after I transferred down to Junction City, we went and played football at Hayward Field! It was pretty cool! We then got Elder Enman's new companion around 4. His name is Elder Basset and he is pretty sweet. We got back into Junction around 6ish and had dinner with the Rose's. He is our ward mission leader here. He made me and Elder Bassett sing for our supper haha!

Tuesday was the usual tour of Junction and trying to figure out where things are. We did some grocery shopping before working on the list of less actives that the bishop wants us to work through and try to help them come back. We went up to Harrisburg because that is where most of them live! We only saw one of the people in this small neighborhood and the others moved out.

Wednesday morning we went and did some service for a less active who is trying to sell his house. While we were scrubbing away on his roof and the sidewalks, a lady pulls up and asked us if we lived there. We told her we didn't and that we were helping him out. She starts talking to the member and next thing we know, she gives us her phone number and wants us to come by sometime! That was pretty sweet to see the fruits of service! We then focused on less actives and also saw an older couple named Bob and Margret!

Thursday we had weekly planning in the morning before heading up to Harrisburg for Gleaners. We helped out by hauling food out and cleaning up afterwards. We then again focused our efforts on the less active member out there.

Friday we had district meeting in Santa Clara. We met the whole district and we had one new elder in our district as well! We were heading back to JC to get ready to do some service for a member when they called and canceled, so we headed for our other service project with a brother in the ward who has family in Philomath! We helped him move a bunch of pillars (kinda like platforms) and also a bench from a woman's home in town. After we got freshened up, we did exchanges. Me and Elder Enman went and tried to talk to some potential investigators around town right before trouble hit. These two guys walked up to us and asked us if they could do a survey. I had a bad feeling but they said it would only take 5 minutes so we obliged. Well, it ended up being over 30 minutes of them trying to prove the church wrong. They kept saying things that are completely ridiculous! We started off with talking about the commandments and such and we shared some scriptures with them but the moment they started bashing the spirit just left and we did not bash back. But man it was tough not to. You can't teach if the Spirit is down the road! We wrapped up by helping Brother Thor*** clean moss off the curbs of the church.

For the sake of time, we didn't have much happen for us on Saturday or Sunday. We saw a couple of investigators and also some less actives but that is pretty much it!

I love you all so much. The book is blue, the church is true, and Moroni is always on the ball! There is no doubt!


Elder Tonini

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