Monday, October 20, 2014

Quick! What's the Number for 9-1-1?

Hey everyone,

So this was a pretty jam packed week full of adventure and suspense!

After emailing on Monday, we went down to Eugene to take Elder Bassett's suit to get tailored at Men's Warehouse. We then walked around the mall for a little and got lunch before heading to the River Road building for basketball. Unfortunately no one wanted to play half court so we did nothing. So we drove back to Junction City and looked around a member's antique store. I ended up buying a Rubik's cube for a buck! Elder Cook and I had FHE with the Gambee's and we helped them set up their family accounts! It was so cool seeing them get so pumped for family history!

Tuesday I officially met Renee, a recent convert who had to move back to Junction City from Springfield for a number of reasons and was living in her mobile home. She is staying at the boardinghouse in town so we went over and talked with her before helping Brother Gambee move some furniture... Out of the boardinghouse! We had the idea to ask Brother Gambee if he could help Renee get some stuff from her old place and he agreed. It took us a little while before she got everything she needed and we ran a tad late to our appointment with Charlotte! Oops! It's ok though because the member knew what we were doing for Renee! We watched Woman's Conference with them and talked about covenants. We had our Book of Mormon class that night and we had an awesome discussion about the Tree of Life!

Wednesday we saw Dotti and shared a message with her before heading up to

Camp Alpine, a church-owned camp ground just outside of Monroe. There are two senior couples who live up there and they bring us up to do service and have dinner. It was raining for most of the service (splitting wood using a splitter and then stacking it in a different location) but we were under trees and a roof so we didn't get too wet. We had breakfast for dinner and man it reminded me of home!

Thursday was perhaps the most up and down day I've had. Ever. We got a knock on our door and there stood Elder Kleinman, our vehicle coordinator. Our Ford Fusion had reached the end of its mission life and was being retired so Elder Kleinman came to give us our new car.... A 2014 Subaru Legacy! Oh it is so awesome! The process of switching cars ( Elder Kleinman had to take the TIWI out of the Fusion and put it into the Legacy) took forever so we had an hour for weekly planning! We had a short lesson with Bob and Margaret, mainly because we were going to show them a video cassette movie but their VCR ate it! I played doctor and opened it up to pry it out! We had service at Gleaners and as usual they gave us a bunch of food. With Renee not having a car and not having a lot of food, we felt as though we should go take it to her. As we got back into town, it was getting closer to dinner and the food wasn't going to go bad if we didn't take it to her right away. Yet, we felt like we needed to go see her. She hadn't responded to our texts or our calls so I thought she was sleeping. Elder Cook and I, however, still went up and knocked on her door. We heard her dog bark and she mumbled something about coming to the door. We motioned out the window to Elders Bassett and Enman to bring up food right as Renee said "I think I suffered a stroke". Umm what?! Elder Bassett and I stayed at the door (it was locked) and tried talking to her as Elder Cook and Elder Enman got the manager. As we stood there, straining to hear her, this guy starts cooking a fried egg on the public stove on Renee's floor. We couldn't hear her over the crackling of his egg! Ugh some people... Anyways, they got the manager and she opened the door and when she looked inside she turned back to us and said "call 911 now!" The paramedics came in a couple of minutes later and confirmed she had had a stroke. Heavenly Father used the four of us to save her life... A single middle-aged woman living alone probably wouldn't have very many visitors...because we listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost to go visit her on that night, just days after moving back to Junction and just a couple of weeks after baptized, she is alive.

Friday was not as exciting as Thursday (thank goodness!). We helped Brother Thorenson clean the church in the morning. The building has almost the exact layout as the one in Houston! The biggest difference is that the gym has wood flooring, not carpet. So I spent most of my time sweeping then mopping the gym! It reminded me of working at MTC-West hah! We had a quick lunch before driving over to Brother Melvil's place. He has a TON of chickens and he loves all of them. We cleaned up poop and battled chickens for their eggs! We had a lesson with Charlotte afterwards and saw Dotti for a little bit.

Saturday we were out the door at 8:45 to end down to Santa Clara to have interviews with President Russell. When we got there, the AP's had a Jeopardy! game set up for us to learn the Online Missionary Work booklet. After we got our butts kicked, we watched Meet the Mormons! It was super good! Unfortunately I missed out on the Candy Bomber segment because I had my interview with President. I love President Russell! I know for a fact he was called to the OEM for a reason! We got back to Junction City and Elder Cook and I helped out Mick with his hedges and ivy. It was so awesome until I accidentally cut the extension cord... Oops!

Sunday we found out we don't have to go to PEC or Ward Council anymore! I get to wake up at 6:30 on Sundays again! President and Sister Russell came to church and sat on the stand. I got to help with the sacrament and I loved it. I miss doing the sacrament! I didn't sleep very well the previous night so I slept through lunch! We tried seeing some people but they weren't home so we shared a message with the Goodwins. We then shared some messages with Brother Thorenson to finish up our night.

So that was my week. It was a full week that showed me that the Lord is using me and the other missionaries as instruments in His hands. I am grateful to be a missionary!! I hit five months tomorrow! It has gone by so fast!

I love you all!

Elder Tonini

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