Monday, June 16, 2014

Week Dos

Man has it been a crazy week!!

We went on exchanges on Tuesday and I ended up in Corvallis with Elder Reid. It was my first day on a bike and I about died! It wasn't too bad until the end. We met some interesting people! One guy said he couldn't believe in Christ because he thinks that no one can have "superpowers". We also met this crazy old lady who believes in what we do and had Mormon pioneers but isn't a member... Weird haha!!

Wednesday I went back to Philomath and the Elder who was with Elder Flora left his iPad so after we tracted we changed his wallpapers and what not :) we really didn't have much going on!

Thursday was interesting to say the least. We tracted up on this hill and the three people who opened the door had either bought a Book of Mormon or has read it! So we had a guy stop us on the road last week and wanted us to stop by. We stopped by right after his daughters went back to his ex-wife's home and he was pretty emotional and open to us. Stan gladly took a Book of Mormon and said he would try to make it to church sometime!

Friday was full of training and meetings followed by another exchange. I took over the area with Elder Thacker, who is a Spanish missionary. We had a ton of visits fall through but we did manage to see one of our less actives! We also had a lot of doors slammed in our faces but it's all good :)

Saturday was so slow! We had some appointments and tracted but not a lot came out of it...

Sunday was pretty good! We had church and after lunch we tried to go see someone but they weren't home. On the way back we stopped to talk to the lady who lives across the way from us and we ended up talking a lot about the Book of Mormon and gave her one!! We also had a good talk with Sister Nielsen about keeping our head up :) She's pretty awesome and makes sure we are well fed!

I love you all and happy Father's Day!

Elder Tonini
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