Monday, June 30, 2014

Such a Slow Week!

So like the subject says, this week was pretty stinking slow so this won't be a long email!

It rained pretty much all week....

Tuesday and Wednesday we had almost nothing happen! We talked to a guy named Cameron at the bus stop and he had a lot of awesome questions but we only had time to give him a Book of Mormon and a card before he had to get on the bus. We had doors slammed in our faces all day and we spent time working with members and less actives.

Thursday we went and pruned a tree for this great grandma named Birdy. We had our dinner cancel while we were there and she gave us 20 bucks for burrito babies at La Rockita! And I mean burrito babies!


  1. I am not quite sure what happened with this week's letter - it almost looks like he sent it before he was done writing. Oh well, we will take whatever we can get!

  2. Thats what I was thinking as I read it! It seemed to be over before it started!