Monday, April 20, 2015

We Have Someone on Date!

Hey everyone!

So this was an interesting week taking over Gold Hill and Central Point 2nd. It's been pretty decent and we have had some good things happen!

Tuesday morning we went and shared a message with Brother Mad*** over in Gold Hill. We had a good conversation with him and then he took us out to eat afterwards. I had a pretty dang good country fried steak! We came into Central Point and exchanged with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Taito in my area. I actually replaced Elder Taito in Central Point so he knew a couple of people that we had scheduled to go see! We went and saw Adam and that went well. We talked about trials and what we can do to push through the trials. After Adam, we went and visited a man named Masood. His wife was a member and she passed away a couple of months ago. We ended up teaching him a little bit and he said that we could come back the next week! We grabbed dinner and then we saw a couple of members to finish up the night.

Wednesday Elder Taito and I headed over to Sister Par***'s home to help out with some service out there! We pulled up and I got an up close encounter with her pet emu haha! It was super cool to be around it! We helped Sister Par*** move some stuff out of a storage shed and into a trailer. It didn't take us too long and we were able to exchange back right after. We didn't have much go on for us until later on in the evening. We had a lesson with Kevin at the Cop***'s home. Kevin is a pretty sweet dude! We taught him about the law of chastity and word of wisdom and he accepted all of it so that was pretty good. Elder Porter was able to Skype in so that was pretty interesting.

Thursday we had a service project over at Sister Duf***'s home. We pulled out weeds with Elder Pease and Dave and then we pulled a motor block out of her shed so that was fun haha. We did weekly planning and then we drove out to Eagle Point to help out with a move out there. It was a super easy move and we finished a lot quicker than anticipated! We had dinner out there and then came in to teach Samantha only to find out that she wasn't feeling good so we tried seeing a couple of different people before going to correlation. It was an interesting correlation and we had a ton of fun!

Friday morning we had district meeting in the morning. It went alright haha it was tough to get conversation going when you are missing a companionship! Outside of district meeting, I don't remember much what happened that day... I do remember that we saw Mike and a member who just moved into the area. He is inactive and attends another church but says that we are welcomed to stop by so that is good haha! We had a knock out lesson with the Crowes! We taught them the plan of salvation and then Samantha committed to get baptized on the 20th of June! We even have Eric committed to work on being able to baptize her! It was a super solid lesson and I am so excited for the next lesson!

Saturday morning we went over to the church for Dave's baptism! It went really well and the Spirit was so strong there! Afterwards, we had lunch at his house! It was super good haha! Other than that, we weren't able to get much missionary work done... Our Areabook app is acting up and we don't have anyone in our areabook's so we are unsure of who to go visit! We did try our best but it was tough. We had a service project over at Sister Del***'s house. The front and back yards looked like a jungle so we went out there with the sisters, the Thurm***, Brother Sta***, and the Sum***'s to go help cut it all down! We had a ton of fun and we got most of it done! We had to bail though to go to correlation over in Gold Hill.

Sunday we had church all day long! We had Samantha and Kevin come to church so that was pretty dang awesome! We tried contacting a couple of less actives but outside of the people we knew from memory, we weren't able to go see anyone else. However, we were able to get in contact with a couple of investigators and get things set up with them!

That is about it! I love y'all so much! Thank you for your prayers and your love!

Love y'all!

Elder Tonini

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