Monday, April 13, 2015

So, about my week....

This week has been the hardest week of my mission. Just letting y'all know. However, we did have some stuff go well for us.

Tuesday morning Brother Froe*** came and got us to help out with a service project over at a widow's house. The Gold Hill Elders came also and we cleared away a ton of brush and took it over to a burn pile. While we were doing that, the zone leaders called us and told us that an elder in the zone had to go to the hospital for a possible case of appendicitis so they had to cancel the exchange. However, they wanted to talk to us later on that night so we planned accordingly. We then helped out Gold Hill with a service project that they had. After we cleaned up and had dinner, we headed over to the church and meet up with the zone leaders and they had to talk to Elder S. and they found out about something he and Elder P. did. They took us back to our apartment and we visited with a couple members before coming back to the apartment. That is when my week went downhill fast. Due to Elder S's conversation with the zone leaders, he had to call President and President was pretty mad.... So that is how my night went.

Wednesday morning we walked over to the Central Point 1st Ward apartment to go with them to a service project but there was some miscommunication and we ended up not going. We instead walked over to Brother DeK***'s brother's house and helped him move out. We got free lunch out of it so that was a bonus! We got back to the apartment and got into our proselyting clothes and tried contacting a few people before dinner. After dinner we walked around and tried to contact some of our potential investigators but they were all a no-go. Elder S had to call his stake president that night so we came in early so he could call.

Thursday morning was not my ideal way to have my day start off. Elder S. and Elder P. had to apologize to the whole zone for making the Sisters move because of the prank they did to them. Not fun. We grabbed lunch before going and helping a member in Gold Hill with some stuff. We ended up on top of this huge hill and it was such a beautiful sight that we had to stop and take some pictures before we left. We came back into town and Elder Best and I went to dinner before I had to go to stake correlation. We canceled our ward correlation because of the situation that happened.

Friday morning we had zone training meeting. President Russell came down for that and it went really well. We had a fun role play where we went outside and talked to some "random people" about the gospel. After ZTM, we grabbed some lunch and then Elder Seymour basically spent the rest of the day packing and we helped Elder Porter pack as well.

Saturday morning the AP's came and picked up Elder P. and Elder S. for their new assignments up in Eugene. Elder Best and I are taking over Central Point 2nd Ward and the Gold Hill area for the next couple of weeks. I get to drive a truck around! That is super awesome haha! We had dinner with the Bri**'s family and their daughter brought a non-member friend to dinner as well! We watched the "Because He Lives" video with them and it was just super powerful! It was a great experience. We drove into Gold Hill and taught a less active family about faith. It was a great time with them and we read Ether 12 with them to drive home that principle of the gospel.

Sunday was super long but freaking awesome. We had church from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It made for a long day, especially without lunch. Both church meetings were great and we even had some investigators come so that was sweet. We had a super cool experience after dinner. I felt like we should go visit a potential part member family and we ended up committing her to be baptized! We have a lesson on Thursday with her and her family so we are super pumped!

I love all of yall and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Tonini

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