Monday, January 19, 2015

Mission Control, We Have a Baptismal Date Inbound

Hey everyone!

So we didn't have a lot go on for us this week so this is going to be a really short email.

Monday night was a disappointment with the Ducks losing! Although they lost, we had a great time with the bishop's family! We were able to do a FHE with their ENTIRE family, almost 20 people! It was pretty awesome!

Tuesday we were able to go do some temple service! We kept pulling out the kinickinick (I have no clue how to spell it) and we finally figured out a good system to get it out! After lunch Elder Galloway and I exchanged with the zone leaders. Elder Simpson came to our area and Elder Galloway went over there. We were out tracting and we knocked on this door and the elderly couple just let us in! We talked to them for over an hour! We eventually found out that they were Jehovah's Witnesses and were not interested in our message but we were able to share some scriptures out of the Book of Mormon with them. We had a FHE to finish out the night.

Wednesday morning we had interviews with President Russell! It was really good to see him and Sister Russell again! After that, we had everything go down the drain. It was pretty bad haha. We struggled to find anyone to even talk to!

Thursday was basically the same as Wednesday.... We had all of our lessons fall through and our back ups and our back up to our back ups... dang it!

Friday was interesting. Elder Galloway had district leader training meeting with all the district leaders in the south so I was stuck in a tri companionship with two other Elders from two different areas! We hung out in Central Point 1st Ward's area because they had a lesson with Sir Jeffery, the man in the pirate hat that came to our ward. Needless to say, after our lesson with him, they will not go back to his house. There were things in that house that were pretty sketchy! We had a lesson with Mike that went super well. We read the First Presidency message with him and he really enjoyed it. We managed to get some appointments set up to finish the day.

Saturday was not fun! We had district meeting and that was about it! The only highlight from Saturday was dinner with Sister Park! She was baptized with Sister Martin in California years ago and showed me some pictures of when Sister Martin and Margo came up to visit her! She then had Elder Galloway and I dress up and dance for the senior couple while she sang a song she made up.... haha. It was fun though!

Sunday was the best day out of the week for one reason and one reason only. Angelo and Spencer agreed to be baptized in March! Spencer is such an amazing kid! He is pretty dang knowledgeable in the Gospel! I am so excited for this opportunity to teach them!

That is all for me... I forgot my journal so I didn't have everything that I wanted to include... I will do better next week!

I love you all! This Church is true! There is no doubt about it!

Elder Tonini
“Do your duty, that is best. Leave unto the Lord the rest.”
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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