Friday, May 23, 2014

Howdy y'all!

Hey Mom and Dad!

So our branch president is allowing us to send a short email home to let y'all know that I am doing well! I have been very busy and just got your letters about 2 hours ago. I have an AWESOME district! My companion's name is Elder Provstgaard and he is from Utah! He really is something else and he is really fun to be around! I was named zone leader last night but my calling won't be in effect until Sunday.

The lessons and the materials are hard but I have total confidence that I can lean on the Lord for help and that I can be a true servant of the Lord and not some kid who is trying to survive without technology or his family and etc! :P

Sorry this was short but that is all I can say for the moment! I sure love you Mom and Dad! Tell the kids I love em and miss 'em and that I know I am where I am needed to be! I can't wait to actually write a full email!


Elder Tonini

P.S make sure to tell Mandie that I said thank you for the letter and the package! And also let her know I am following what my branch president said and just writing my parents if you post this on ze blog :)


Love you all!

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