Monday, April 25, 2016

Another one bites the dust!

Hey everyone!

So this was a decent week for Elder Swiderski and I. Somehow, we still have not taught a full lesson together! We have gone out and contacted people but we have been teaching our investigators when we are on exchanges haha! Elder Swiderski was sick all week but we managed to get out and do missionary work.

Monday was a pretty fun P-Day! I got my hair cut first thing in the morning and then we went to the church to grab some emails before heading out to the beach! That was super fun. We threw the frisbee around on the shoreline and we also took some time walking around the cove that the beach is in. We were only there for maybe an hour or so but it was fun and the water was FREEZING! We finished up emails at the church and then I worked on MyPlan (a new program for missionaries going home) while the other Elders took our car to go grab laundry and some dry cleaning. The Lopez's fed us dinner and I talked to Pablo, the foreign exchange student that lives with them, about basketball playoffs a little bit. We headed over to FHE and played some dominos and I lost both games that were played...

Tuesday we headed out to the Senior Center in the morning and I did a lot of the dish pick up so Elder Swiderski couldn't possibly pass whatever the heck he had. It was a fun time as usual and the lunch was excellent. We spent all afternoon going through our potentials list and we had no success. We had a couple of no answers and a couple of not interested people. We had dinner way out in the boonies so that took a little while! After dinner we took some time and went through the part members to end the night.

Wednesday morning (which was 4/20.....) we got suited up for some service for a widowed sister in the ward. Before we went to her house, we took over a gallon of ice cream to the sisters because one of them was celebrating their birthday that day. Elder Rawlings and Elder Carter were with us and so we had Elder Rawlings leave the ice cream on the front step, ring the door bell, and then RUN! We didn't get caught so that was exciting. We got to Sister McDon***'s house and we proceeded to clean out her gutters and figured out what was causing her gutter to leak onto a mini fridge she has outside on her covered patio. It was a fun time, especially when I found out that Sister McDon*** is a life subscriber and is a huge Braves fan! After I got cleaned up (Elder Swiderski wasn't feeling too good so he didn't participate), I took Elder Swiderski to the Instant Care and he was diagnosed with a premature form of bronchitis. We went to Walmart and it took FOREVER to get his prescription! By the time we got back to our apartment so he could take his meds and rest, it was almost time for dinner. Elder Carter went with me on our mini exchange and we went to dinner and taught some lessons together. I felt like we should try to see Patrick and lo and behold he was home! We talked to him for a couple of minutes and he told us that he isn't going to be able to get Sunday's off anytime soon... So that means that he won't be getting baptized in May. That means we have zero people on date... Bummer. We drove out to the Jeron***'s and we caught them home as well! We taught them about making the right choices and using our agency in a way that Christ would want us to and Sister Jeron*** said that she was going to try to come to church! While we were talking, Alex, the nine year old, figured out that I know some stuff about the Halo video game series and he started pulling out all these Halo Lego things and asking me if I knew what they were. I got all of them right and he was so put out because "I know everything about Halo"! That was pretty fun!

On Thursday Elder Swiderski was feeling good enough to go do the Senior Center. A kid who has been showing up almost every Thursday for the last couple of weeks did most of the pre-lunch stuff but got the boot after he was done with it so we took the brunt of the work. I even got to work the cash register for a couple of people! We got it all broken down on time too so that was good. We picked up the other Elders before going to the church and doing our weekly planning. We attempted to contact people before and after dinner but didn't have too much luck.

Friday morning we had to do some training and then we had district meeting. Friday was another bust for us. We had nothing go on for us and no one signed up for dinner so we took dinner at our apartment again. We had a correlation meeting at Brother Leav***'s workplace and he had a really nice view of the airport and the bay so we took some pictures before we did an exchange. I went with Elder Carter in his area and Elder Rawlings went with Elder Swiderski in our area.

Saturday the others came and picked us up to go to the church to go do Facebook. We walked from the church and tried to contact a couple of their investigators but we had no luck. We met the others at the apartment and we took lunch with them. We had a lot of phone calls in the afternoon and we were supposed to go to a hand-off lesson with the Sisters but the people ended up not being home so we got BK. Mind you, we are biking and man, North Bend is super hilly! We contacted people all afternoon and then we took dinner by ourselves. Elder Carter had contacted a PM (part member) family who said they would bring us food if dinner canceled so we did and we got pizza!

Sunday was Sunday. We had our first ward council with Bishop Holt and it was super good. Church was pretty good but we didn't have any investigators show up.

That is my week! I love y'all! Have a good week!

Elder Tonini
Oregon Eugene Mission
"Days Never to Be Forgotten"

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