Monday, March 14, 2016

"It Is Not The Honor That You Take With You, But The Heritage You Leave Behind." - Branch Rickey

Hey everyone,

So this was a pretty crazy week! We had a lot of things happen this week!

Monday actually turned out to be our P-Day and it was so much fun! We went to the church after we did our grocery shopping and played some basketball and emailed for a little bit before we went bowling with the other North Bend missionaries, Coos Bay Sisters, and the Florence and Reedsport Elders! I actually bowled pretty well and got multiple strikes. I was really happy about that! We went back to the church and wrapped up our P-Day there. I'm going to mention dinner because it reminded me of home. The family that fed us made up some eggs and chorizo! Oh man, I was in heaven. It was so awesome. We went to the YSA FHE and played some dominoes before hanging out with the members that did our laundry while we waited for it to dry.

Tuesday morning we went to the Senior Center and volunteered there until the afternoon. They do bingo on Tuesdays and it was a lot of fun watching them play as I bussed tables. We spent our afternoon working on a part member list and praying about who we could go see. We went and contacted a part member family and we got in with them! The Jeron*** family met with missionaries in the past and they accepted a return appointment! We showed them a video about being an eternal family and they brought up that they want to come back to church but the wife's work schedule is pretty rigorous. I played basketball at the church at the end of the night and while it was fun and all, I decided that I wasn't going to play again. The whole purpose of basketball on Tuesday is to invite nonmembers to play and have fun but we have some guys who think they are one step from the NBA and it really gets me going and get SUPER competitive. So I won't be playing this week!

Wednesday we spent ALL day at the church. We had some training in case of a tsunami and President Russell instructed us about not gossiping and forgiving people. We then spent the rest of the day waiting for people to get interviewed. Basically nothing got done that day.

And nothing got done on Thursday either! President Russell called us first thing in the morning and told us that all the missionaries in the mission were to put missionary work on hold until every apartment was clean! Our apartment needed a lot of work (we have been working on it as much as time allows) so after we helped the other Elders with their apartment we worked on ours! It took forever but we got it done! We had correlation after dinner and I went with Dan to go contact some part member families but none of them were home. Elder Roller had some better luck than I did and we ended up with a new investigator!

Friday we spent the morning doing new missionary training and also doing some district leader training. We had a lesson with Jake and it went super well. We covered the Restoration and it made sense to him. He had a pretty good question about how we could know if the prophet was a false prophet but we bore our testimonies of the Restoration and of President Monson and he felt the Spirit! He accepted an invitation to come to church so we were pretty excited about that.

Saturday morning we had to exercise the priesthood in one of the Sisters' investigator's home. It was an interesting experience and you could feel the Spirit come into the home after we were done. We were super stoked to go tracting with the Easter initiative but we were told the wrong date so that was a huge let down. We had a lesson with Sue and man it is difficult to teach her. We will make progress with her but then she would loop us back to the beginning. We basically spent the entire lesson marking scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon to show how they are meant to be together. That was pretty much our day. We spent the rest of the day contacting but nothing fruitful came from it. Not even a cool story... :(

Sunday was pretty good! None of our investigators came to church but all three hours of church was super good! We met up with Patrick and shared with him the #Hallelujah video and discussed with him about some of his struggles. He hasn't done too hot as of late with some of our commitments but he is going to get refocused and hopefully come to church! We downloaded the Easter initiative and then we got caught up in doing some zone leader duties before our correlation with the STL's.

I love y'all! Thank you for all the support! I know that this church is true! I know that the Gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! There is no doubt!

Elder Tonini
Oregon Eugene Mission

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