Monday, October 5, 2015

Time Flies When You Hear The Prophets and Apostles Speak!

Hey everyone!

Yes, it is me. I'm still alive. Barely, but I'm still here. It was a decent week that ended with General Conference so that made it all the more awesome!

Monday was the normal P-Day festivities. We went into Eugene to do some shopping and I got a sweet Columbia rain jacket! We then got dressed in normal people clothing and headed off to Heyward Field for some football with the Eugene zone! It was super fun being able to hang out with some of my mission friends for a little bit! We got home and got redressed in our normal missionary attire and went to a pizza place with a member and his family for dinner. After dinner I just got super sick... I couldn't be away from the toilet for a long period of time so we ended up being home all night. It really stunk.

Tuesday morning I was feeling a lot better (thanks to the mess I had bought the night before) so we headed up to Brother Ud***'s with the ZL's for lunch and some service! He has another house that he rents out and the last renter just wrecked the place so we helped him out! I painted some closet shutter looking things while everyone else either painted or moved dirt around. By the time that we got finished with that, we had to go to the church for our lesson with Brother Wh***. He talked a ton like always but we were still able to share a message about General Conference. After dinner with the Dur***'s (Brother Dur*** served around Hobbs, New Mexico!), we went out and splits and the ward missionary that I went out with and I did work! We got in all the doors that we knocked on and got some lessons set up with a recent convert and an investigator that hasn't been taught in a long time! The investigator even accepted an invitation to watch General Conference with their member neighbors!

Wednesday morning we did some training before heading out to the Salg***'s for lunch with the zone leaders. The zone leaders were running out of miles for the month so I was planning on grabbing our bus passes so we could tract in that area before heading back towards the other side of our area. Well, guess who forgot the bus passes? Yup, me. So we ended up walking home and contacting people on the way back. We were able to OYM a lady smoking outside her house and talked to a guy leaning on a tree for about 20 minutes. It was super fun. We even ran into the zone leaders who were tracting as well and we ended up using Taco Bell for a pitstop. We went over to JaydaQuin's house but he was about to head out the door for football practice so we threw the ball with him and played a punting game! After dinner, we showed up for a lesson with Tim and Courtney and although they forgot, we were still able to share a message about eternal families with them. We then biked over to David and Leighanne's home and shared a message about prophets! We were able to commit them to watch conference with the Dixon's in the ward! We were having such a good conversation that we didn't get home until 9:45..... oops.

Thursday was crazy. We had heard that we were having interviews on Friday and so I was wondering when district meeting was going to be when the zone leaders called us and told us that district meeting was going to be that morning! It ended up being a pretty good district meeting and I got to use a basketball for part of it so that was pretty fun :) We grabbed lunch before going over to a recent convert named David and talking with him for a little bit. He's a super cool guy who has some health issues but that doesn't stop him from fulfilling his calling as an indexing worker! We rode the bus home afterwards and did weekly planning until dinner. We then had a lesson with a 12 year old recent convert. That was a super interesting lesson... He feels like God is interfering with his planning and that he is thinking about quitting the Church... He got baptized two months ago! And he is twelve! Anyways... I felt so frustrated during the lesson so we taught him about prayer and told him to pray and ask if he made the right decision and then afterwards Elder Bowers and I got DQ and updated our area book while eating Blizzards! It was a weird night. On top of that, we heard about the shooting that happened in Roseburg... Thankfully, no missionaries were there!

Friday morning we had interviews with President Russell. We had some specialized training about the Sabbath Day and also iPad usage. President Russell is cracking down hard on stating our purpose when we turn on the iPad because of something that happened that made President Russell's heart heavy with sadness... Sister Russell then went through our Area Book while President did interviews. By the time we were done and out of there, it was almost 1! After lunch, we tried to see JaydaQuin before Brother Wh*** but he wasn't home. We then taught Brother Wh*** about how the new apostles were going to be called and he really liked that. We had dinner at our place before going out and trying to contact people. We weren't doing it for very long before the zone leaders called us and asked to go with them to a blessing. By the time we got it taken care of, the night was over.

Saturday was General Conference! Elder Bowers and I didn't have anyone to watch it with so we watched it in the Relief Society room and we pulled in the comfy foyer chairs for it! I love what was said in those sessions! It was super cool being able to sustain the new apostles as well! I really enjoyed the talks:) The zone leaders picked us up and drove us to the stake center for the priesthood session. I don't have my notes so I can't exactly convey any thoughts that I had but I thoroughly enjoyed it! The members in our ward took us to Denny's afterwards! I wish I could've done our Sonic tradition though!

Sunday was awesome yet stunk. None of our investigators came so we just hung out with some of the members for the two sessions. I was really worried about President Monson during that morning session... I did love the idea of "ponderizing" :) I am doing it right now! We had dinner over at our ward mission leaders house and then we did training to end the night!

That's all I got! I love y'all! I know that the church is true! There is no doubt, especially after this weekend!

Love y'all!

Elder Tonini

Oregon Eugene Mission
"Days Never to Be Forgotten"

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