Monday, May 4, 2015

Ding Ding! Round 5 in Central Point

Hey everyone!

Well, I can't believe that I am saying this but I am staying for a fifth transfer in Central Point! Holy cow, I couldn't believe it when the zone leaders told me! We have a great transfer ahead of us!

Monday was pretty fun. We had zone breakfast at the place where the zone leaders live and that was yummy! A couple hours later, we got a net set up from some volleyball! It was a ton of fun and it got pretty intense! We took the 1st Ward Elders grocery shopping after we were done and while we were doing that, I realized that I had grabbed another Elder's iPad! Ooops! I was able to get it back by the end of the night so that was good. We had dinner with our new ward mission leader so that was fun!

Tuesday morning we had our normal lesson with Brother Mad***. We read a chapter out of the book of Alma and he really liked it. After he took us to lunch, we tried seeing a couple of people before our lesson with a former investigator named Trent. When we showed up to his place, he had totally forgotten and was going to be heading out the door in fifteen minutes! However, we were able to teach him still and get a return appointment set up for this upcoming week. After dinner, we went on splits with Brother Kub*** and Brother Thur***. I went with Brother Kube and we were able to talk to Sister Jord***. She was super nice and friendly! Her German Shepard though makes for a good guard dog! That was our only real success on the split. We knocked on a part-member's door but we didn't get an answer and we tried a man whom I have never met before and this lady started getting agitated and said "Don't talk religion to me boy! I see your name tag! I know who you are!" Despite the situation, we handled it calmly and asked if this guy lived her and she said no as she slammed the door. That was a fun experience to have on splits haha! After splits, we were trying to figure out what to do because it ended a lot shorter than we thought. The thought popped into my head to try and see Claudia, a lady that Elder Ellsworth and I tracted into back in February. When we knocked on the door, she was home! We shared a message about building up faith in Christ and how we can have a firm foundation in Him. It was fun talking about foundations with her because she is a realtor or something and it was a good way to help her come closer to Christ!

Wednesday morning we drove out to Sister Stam***'s home to dig a hole for a tub of sorts. I don't really know how else to describe it haha! We had to dig a pretty big hole to get that sucker to fit! However, we were able to get that knocked out in an hour and a half and she fed us Mexican food for lunch out on the patio. We went back into Central Point and spent some time at the Pea***'s home and took pictures because there was that possibility that I was leaving and they were leaving the next day for a vacation! After saying our premature good-byes to the Pea***'s, we didn't have very much else go on! We were told to retake an online Mobile Device course on our iPads before the weekend so we decided to go to that. Well it wasn't set up yet so we headed back into Gold Hill to take dinner and prepare for Kevin's lesson. On the way in, Brother Vit*** happened to be in front of us and signaled for us to turn into the local Figaros and he bought us a pizza! It was super good. We had a good lesson with Kevin that night about tithing and fast offerings. We are super pumped about him getting baptized on the 16th!

Thursday morning we had weekly planning and I made some really good plans for what we can do to help out the people here in Central Point. After lunch we went over to the Froel***'s to drop some stuff off and talked to Brother Froel***, one of the former ward mission leaders, about Brother Badizade*** and what we could do to help him. We had a lesson with Dana before driving up to Brother Badizade***'s home. We had another interesting discussion with him. He is such an intelligent man and needs to reason to overcome the probability of something happening. He mentioned all this different things about the probability of this thing happening and the probability of this thing happening. Luckily, Elder Best is very much into that kind of stuff and was able to connect with him well. Unfortunately we weren't able to make much progress with him... We hope we will be able to someday! Right before dinner, Samantha and Eric texted us and told us they need to reschedule our lesson for that night to Saturday because of a trip they were making up to Eugene. We wanted to stop by their place as soon as we got the text but we were about to run late to our dinner so we decided to try to catch them after. Well, because of the way I parked the truck and the path that I took to get to the main road took us by the park near our apartment and we saw Eric and Samantha there! We pulled over and talked to them for a few minutes and left them some scriptures to read. After a yummy dinner at KFC, we had correlation to end our night.

Friday morning was the last district meeting of the transfer! It went pretty well. We were all anxious about our calls haha. When district meeting ended and after we took a zone picture, we went with the zone leaders, Spanish, and the Medford 4th Elders and Elder Carroll to Sonic. Elder Carroll was by himself because his companion, Elder Nash, is the new AP! We had a fun time with them there. We went back to the apartment and got changed into service clothes to go mow some lawns for a couple of members. Sister Winter's lawn was a piece of cake as always. Sister Del***'s lawn was a bit tougher! It was a pretty big lawn to cover with an electric lawn mower and we couldn't even mow the whole backyard because most of it is covered in grass that goes up to my chest. We mowed as much as we could of what was already mowed. We cooled off and got changed to go see Mike. We had a great lesson about prayer with him and he even said the closing prayer! He has not done that in one of our lessons since I have been here! It was pretty cool. We drove into Gold Hill and took dinner there. We had some cash that a member gave us to us for dinner that night so we decided to grab a burger from the local burger joint near the apartment. We both got the burger known as the .50 Cal burger! Three patties, three cheeses. It was so good. The owner was quite impressed with the fact that we didn't get a single thing on our white shirts! When we finished up with dinner, we tried to see a couple of members who were in our teaching pool but we didn't talk to a single one. We had a great lesson about coming to church with the Janko*** family! The son who lives there told us that he was planning on going to church in Roseburg and that he was going to take his girlfriend as well! That was a good note to end on!

Saturday morning we were anxiously awaiting our calls and they came pretty early. We were startled to hear that only four missionaries were leaving out of eighteen despite some being here for a long time! We walked over to Calvary Temple and pushed carts. It didn't take very because we only had to push fourteen orders through! We did get some good stuff though so that was pretty awesome. After lunch, we walked around and talked to a ton of people. It wasn't necessarily about gospel things but we were able to put ourselves out there! The reason why we did that was because there was a city wide yard sale and there were a ton of people out and about! It was a ton of fun! We were even able to talk to Angelo for a little bit at his yard sale before he got swamped with people. We taught Adam a little bit about the Great Apostasy but he kept getting off topic so I am not sure how much he got out of it! After dinner I saw one of the coolest things ever! We had a lesson with Samantha and Eric about the Word of Wisdom and after we taught the lesson, we asked Eric if we could take his cigarettes and throw them out. He grabbed his last pack and took all of the cigarettes out and snapped them in half! He threw it in the trash and when we left we saw him throw the trash in the dumpster! It was super cool!

Sunday was awesome! We were asked to help bless Samantha's baby and we gladly accepted! It was a beautiful blessing and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Fast and testimony meeting was what Samantha needed to hear also so that was an extra bonus as well! We were in church again from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. We were pretty tired haha! We drove over to the Froel***'s to pick up the granite and man it looked good. We had dinner with the Sta***'s and then we had a lesson with a less active in the Gold Hill ward fall through so we talked to Samantha and Eric about Samantha's baptism. We had correlation to end our night.

This was a good week for us! Thank you for all your prayers and your love! I'm bummed I am missing Drew's wedding but it is for a pretty good cause I think! I know this church is true! There is no doubt!

Love y'all!
Elder Jacob Tonini

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